Straight from the Source: Jeff Manning (Smash 64 Announcer)


We got the chance to interview Jeff Manning, the Smash 64 announcer!


We got the chance to interview Jeff Manning, the Smash 64 announcer!
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  1. That thing he says about Japanese directors wanting voices to be a specific way reminds me of some of the stories of how pedantic Sakurai was over certain details. It makes me wonder if it’s just a Japanese thing in general to try and make things as close to their vision as possible. On another note, when he mentions having to record a whole lot for a game that only has 12 fighters, it makes me wonder if they had him record a bunch of dummy names as well, like they did with Xander Mobus. It does sound like Nintendo back then was as secretive as they are (or at least as they try to be) now.

    1. Now that you say it, this might be the reason why Castlevania SotN’s PSP redub was so different from the original (in which Manning voiced Shaft). IGA was probably more preoccupied by making the dub tailored to his vision than preserving the lines that made the first dub so famous (like “Die monster! You don’t belong in this word!”).

      A good thing he later rectified that mistake if Harmony of Dissonance and Bloodstained’s Twitter are anything to go by.

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