SG’s 2nd Anniversary Livestream Recap [Part 1]

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First, let me apologize for the audio error at 50 seconds in and the lateness of this post. Originally it was going to be posted MUCH earlier, but because I had a brain fart…I shut down my P.C. while it was rendering (essentially wasting 7 hours). I was incredibly sleepy when I started rendering it again…and I assumed everything would be okay. Somewhere, the wires got crossed (maybe in my brain), and a slight audio error ensured. It doesn’t affect the actual live stream, and just the introduction to it. Again, I’m sorry.


The Smash Tournament was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone that came out and for participating in the tourney! Maybe next time, I can do a bit better :P. Special thanks to our guests for joining us and having a great discussion.

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Xander Mobus, the announcer for Smash for Wii U.
James Montagna, a director for Way Forward.
Artsy Omni, the head of Smashified.
Ash Paulsen, regular contributor to GameXplain.

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I’m rendering the second half of the live stream right now. It’ll be up tomorrow! Make sure to follow Source Gaming on Twitter!

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