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Source Gaming is a website dedicated to going back to the source to investigate video games. We offer translations, and research into a variety of video game related topics– both retro and current. Source Gaming seeks to expand knowledge and educate its’ readers.

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Gaming is a passion that I’ve had ever since I was little. Smash is just a natural stem of that passion that has constantly evolved ever since I got older. It’s one of my favorite pass times and interacting with people who have the same interest is really cool. I also hope to extend it into Source Gaming and do something to help make the community better.
Mains: Cloud, Ryu, Dr. Mario, Mario

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I’m a college student for Computer Sciences and a technology aficionado. Huge gaming person, and in particular a huge Metroid fan. Got into Smash from Melee with friends, where I mained Mewtwo, played every Smash game since. I might be a stern one in arguments but I’m pretty laid back and a complete joker when among friends. Just ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I spout puns and jokes like there’s no tomorrow. Most active on SmashBoards and
my Twitter.

Mains: Samus(64), Mewtwo(Melee), Snake(Brawl), Samus/Bowser(3DS/U)


Editor, science student, and amateur epistomologist who works to proofread the site’s articles. Likes tea, video games, music of all sorts, and a good book (not in that order). When not pondering the secrets of the universe, you can find him on Smashboards.
Favorite Series: Professor Layton, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Rhythm Heaven, MOTHER, and Retro gaming.
Mains: Ness (64), Mewtwo (Melee), R.O.B (Brawl), Robin (Wii U)




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Masked Man
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MM lives and works in Tokyo, translating games for a living. The Smash and Mother series make him very happy. POtEntial!
Mains: Lucas/Palutena/Cloud, Secondaries: Peach/Duck Hunt/Wii Fit Trainer♂/Little Mac

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If video game historian was a career that would be my goal in life. I have spent a lot of my life studying various histories and so I am super familiar with sourcing, which is pretty essential for this site and just a good thing to do in general so you do not spread lies. I have a huge fascination with the old days and ips with Nintendo. There is so much potential for old franchises like Balloon Fight, Marvelous, Nazo no Murusame Jo and more to come back in the modern age. At least Smash celebrates those games! My focus for source gaming are the Dream articles and working on Project Omega. I hope you enjoy reading my work.

Mains: Link & Pikachu (64), Young Link & Marth (Melee), Toon Link & Lucario (Brawl), Yoshi & King Dedede (Smash for Wii U/3DS)

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I’m the guy responsible for the article headers you see on Source Gaming or Twitter/Facebook. Sometimes, I’ll also do some additional graphics for SG like our Profile-Capsules in Smash-Style, you seeing right now. Because of that, you won’t hear much about me. But I hope, you’ll like the designs I make. What else can I say about me? Ah yeah, I’m a VERY big Kirby-Fan, which you could maybe tell from my profile picture and maaaaybe from my name. And as a design-guy, I’m also fascinated about animation.

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PushDustIn is the founder and administrator of Source Gaming. Being obsessed with the history and development of games isn’t easy. Building a reputation on his research, translations and article write ups, PushDustIn fully encapsulates the meaning of data-miner. PushDustIn has studied Japanese for over six years, and has lived there for over four. The name PushDustIn comes from a garbage can in Osaka (Push Dust In). Recently, PushDustIn has also started to contribute content for SmashBoards. He lives with a very spoiled cat named Kuma.

Mains: Yoshi (64), Game and Watch (Melee), Wario (Brawl), Wario/Pac-Man (Smash for 3DS/Wii U)

Lead translator. I translate things, with the occasional written article here or there. I play Melee.

2015-12-18 (3)

Part time writer/editor and full time retro gaming enthusiast.  Resides in South Florida when not in his own head.

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A guy who translates things on occasion and is trying to git gud at Japanese. Works as a software developer but would rather be playing video games or noodling around on his guitar. Name comes from a gigantic bowl of ramen (スタミナ + ラーメン)he ate while on a magical study abroad vacation in Tokyo. Click the Nintendo Network icon to see his levels!

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From jolly old England, has a life-long passion for video games, particularly Rareware and Nintendo. Creates a lot of sprites. Owns a horse and a dog.
Favourite Game: Banjo-Tooie.
Smash 4 Favourites: Donkey Kong, Ryu, Duck Hunt Duo.


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Audio Lead for Source Gaming, freelancer and overall audio enthusiast. If I’m not grinding on Melee I’m frantically clicking away at my keyboard to meet deadlines.

Mains: Captain Falcon/Falco (Melee) Captain Falcon/Ness (3DS)






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Veterinary Physician with a Postgraduate degree in Immunology, Hematology and Clinical Bioanalysis. I love Video Games, Avocados and Analytical thinking. Currently I’m helping here with the design and I hope to make at least one article a month. You will find me mostly in the comment section and in our Discord. I also have a YouTube Channel about Video Games, pero está en español.

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An amateur film and television critic with as many fitful obsessions and interests as you can count, currently working as a part-time librarian. My articles will predominately focus on critical analysis of a wide range of Nintendo titles – Smash most of all – with a particular eye to the company’s ongoing history. First played the original Smash Bros. blind at a neighbor’s house, and have been fascinated with it since.

Former Members:

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Assistant VP, Assistant to the VP, PR, HR, DDR, AV club, SG website cooperative squad, and sandwich maker. I also control the pizza party budget, the employee incentive pizza party program, and hold the keys to the bathroom.
Long time gamer, part time loafer. I love video games, movies, retro nostalgia, and tacos. I’m probably currently playing a game, pretending to play a game, or you know, actually doing work.
Fun fact: ability to work or anything is fueled by C8H10N4O2 (mostly in delicious, delicious coffee form).



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Editor for Smashboards and Source Gaming and member of the 4BR, A10theHero is a huge fan of Smash. Of course, why wouldn’t he, when all his favorite video game characters are there? (Except Spyro. RIP Spyro. Did you know that during Smash 4 speculation, A10 made stuff like this? Me neither.) When he’s not labbing Pikachu tech in Smash 4, A10 likely can be found fanboying about Pokémon. It is his favorite video game series after all. Surprisingly enough, A10 actually has a life outside of the internet. He’s an Environmental Engineering major at UC Davis. Isn’t that cool? c: He also likes reading, writing, running, and listening to music (mainly punk rock, showtunes, and VG OSTs). The three phonetic Rs! …And a fourth part that ruins that. Hmm, I’m not sure how to end this bio, so, uhh, please enjoy this high-quality music.

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Musician, Writer, and Software developer who also has an interest in the history of gaming. Lives in Canada but studied the History of Gaming in Kyoto. Huge rhythm gamer with a soft spot for Kirby.

Mains: Game & Watch and Dr. Mario (Melee), Game & Watch, R.O.B (Brawl), Game & Watch,  Pac-Man, Lucina (Sm4sh)

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Smash has always been my favorite game series of all time. Ever since I was young, the idea of Mario fighting Pikachu on Hyrule Castle just blew my mind. As I grew up, I developed an interest in Video Editing. I’ve always loved making people laugh, and Youtube was the perfect outlet to combine all of my interests.

Now, I make article adaptions on Source Gaming’s Youtube channel, and also upload content to my own channel!

Mains: Falco (Melee), Cloud, Pikachu (Smash 4)


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Fan of video games, manga and anime. I first got into the Super Smash Bros. series in 2004 when I got Melee as a birthday present and has been one of my favorite video game franchises ever since. I’m interested in game design and development and I also have some experience in programming, so my articles will mostly focus on researching and theorizing about how the many elements found in the Super Smash Bros. games were conceived. My most played character is Ganondorf, though I also play as all other characters somewhat often, some favorites being Robin, Bowser Jr., Mewtwo and Dark Pit.


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An enigmatic lady (actually a country bumpkin) who can speak both English and Japanese for some reason, and therefore works as a freelance and fan translator. When not writing or translating, she’s usually tending a virtual farm, making something out of yarn, or brewing more coffee.

Neo zero

Hey everyone, I’ve been a gamer since the ripe age of 3 and have followed it’s evolution all this time, across multiple generations, genres and companies. I’m big into thought provoking content, whether it’s me shooting the breeze in an article or in an elaborate video with the rest of the SG family.


Bachelors in Accounting from the University of South Florida
Soon to be CPA candidate and perusing a bachelors in Finance
Work as a Bank Examiner
Knowledge of finance, economics, accounting and statistics
My name is actually just a combination of Smash Bros and Pikachu – the character I used in Smash 64.


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