Dream Roster: Mario Tennis Aces

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Roster comprised by TheAnvil. With additional assistance provided by Tris, Nantenjex, Cart Boy and Spazzy.

Among the shock and awe of the tremendous Nintendo Direct Mini on the 11th January, a new Mario Tennis game; aptly named Mario Tennis Aces, was officially announced for the Nintendo Switch. With a release set some time for the spring (likely to cash in on some of that Wimbledon publicity), it’s fairly clear from the little we’ve seen so far that this will be definitively more involved than recent outings to the Tennis court.

Though our knowledge at present is modest, we already know of 5 playable characters, new boss battles and mini-games and new mechanics. Additionally, at least some of the characters will be dressing the part in this visually stunning game. Perhaps most importantly, we’re going to see the first story mode in a Mario Tennis game since the Game Boy Advance’s Mario Tennis Power Tour.

As such, in our first deviation away from fighting games and racing games, the Dream Roster series is very happy to be covering Mario Tennis: Aces. In my hopes that we’ll finally be getting another Mario Tennis game, beyond the somewhat lazy cash-grabs that have plagued the series recently. It’s encouraging to see new models, and I’d like to see something more compelling than the tediously bland rosters that we’re used to seeing in other Mario sports/crossover titles.

Characters were chosen based on several criteria. Many characters are established Mario Tennis veterans, while some others have only previously appeared in other sports titles like Mario Super Sluggers. Some, like Stan The Bug Man were added to give an existing character an appropriate doubles partner. And of course, like any compelling roster, new blood is needed (something better than Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach). There’s also Daisy.

See below for a list of characters with their doubles partners!:

What do you think? Who would you like to see in Mario Tennis Aces? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Tiara, huh? Didn’t really consider her at all when considering what characters would be in Aces… And while I’d rather take Foreman Spike, Tatanga, Mouser, or Captain Syrup before Stanley the Bugman, he’s another retro character I wouldn’t mind seeing revived (along with Wart).

  2. Also, I made this list a while back and tried posting it on a different article, but I guess I might as well post it here, too.

    Donkey Kong

    Sure Thing

    Most likely
    Bowser Jr.

    Since they already have models for them from Ultra Smash

    Characters who SHOULD be obvious inclusions but might get passed over for who-knows-why
    Diddy Kong
    Chargin’ Chuck

    Characters who will probably be included even though I’d hate it if they were
    Baby Mario (well, I guess I wouldn’t mind as much if it were only him)
    Baby Luigi
    Baby Peach
    Baby Daisy
    Baby Rosalina
    Dry Bowser
    Metal Mario
    Pink Gold Peach

    Other characters I wouldn’t mind seeing
    Shy Guy
    Koopa Troopa
    Koopa Paratroopa
    Petey Piranha (doubt it since he’s a boss, but still possible)
    King Boo
    One of the Broodals (most likely Topper and maybe Hariet)
    Dixie Kong
    Larry Koopa (if any Koopaling makes it in, I hope it’s him)
    Funky Kong
    King K. Rool
    Dry Bones
    Hammer Bro
    Monty Mole
    New Donker
    Boom Boom

    Characters who definitely won’t be playable in this game but I’d want to see anyway
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    Foreman Spike
    King/Big Bob-omb
    Blue Bowser (Bowser’s brother from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels; I like to call him Bluser)
    All Seven Koopalings (one or two of them, maybe, but all seven, highly unlikely)
    Professor E. Gadd
    Cranky Kong
    Captain Syrup
    Ashley (from WarioWare)
    Stanley the Bugman
    Il Piantissimo
    The Chimp
    The Kings from Super Mario Bros. 3
    Mad Scienstein/Dr. Arewo-Shitain

    …Yeah, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this sort of thing.

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