Dream Roster – Smash Bros. With 100 fighters

E3 is around the corner, and with it, high expectations for the gaming landscape. And one of the most hype inducing topic for us as a community is the possible Super Smash Bros Port for the Nintendo Switch. And a subject that always brings the conversation to the table (for better and worse) is the possible candidates to get a spot on the game.

So, we like to invite you to play a game about it.

“You are in charge to make a Super Smash Bros. game with a Roster of 100 characters. Who would be in?”

We know that 100 fighters is a big number and could easily become a balancing nightmare, it also could take an incredible high amount of work and time to be produced. But as a “Dream Roster” there are not expenses to be made.

And I repeat: “YOU are in charge”. So you have free range to choose your fighters, based on your own criteria: Representation, Relevance, Novelty, Archetypes, Personal Appeal,  and so on.

Let’s start with a few examples:

You can find Voyager's reasoning under this spoiler tag.

Thanks to Voyager for making my roster in PhotoShop.

You can find Wolfman's arguments under this spoiler tag.

You can find NantenJex's arguments under this spoiler tag.

What do you think about our choices? What are yours? Tell us in the comments or share your Roster with us in on Discord and Twitter with #100FightersXSmash

You can find the template here.



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    1. Yeah, it’s true, but Baito-Kun sounds more like a name.
      It’s just an stylistic choice on my part.

      1. Yes, it’s a photoshop template. It has folders and sub folders for the names and character pictures. Which program do you use?
        I left my own pics there to exemplify the sizes of the text, characters and for everyone to not have to search for repeated characters

        1. I use Photoshop. I take it that you need to crop the images and then shrink them down? I hope Nintendo doesn’t SUDDENLY announce Smash for Switch as I write this. Lol

    1. Actually is mostly COMBINATION of Vogayer and NanteJex characters selections.I’m tried thinking most logical characters and i’m few choice are weirds and others perfect.

      -I’m decided put Paper Mario (for unique moves about paper), Daisy and Waluigi be semi-clone or new style compared peach and luigi.
      -I’m decide put three DK most popular character in smash bros, Cranky, Dixie and King K. Rool
      -Dark Samus be Lighting Bruiser compared Samus is Stone Wall
      -Ridley is no that big
      -Impa is ones favorites character i’m really wanna appear in smash (also different ganon and toon zelda be more unique)
      -Lyn/Lyndis is most popular FE all in times, is so obvious she deserved be new fighter (she’s used archer and her katana)
      -Kumatora is maybe most request Mother character (besides Porky, Paula and even Ninten)
      -Cooking “Mama” because WHY NOT?!!
      -I’m prefer Elma over Fiora for obvious reason, and Elma’s represent all Xenoblade Chronicles X (she’s tecnically the main character in game), she’s most unique

      1. Thanks for sharing your cool selection of characters!
        I totally get Lyn, Dark Samus, Cranky and Kumatora
        if the roster could have even more characters, I would put them all (and maybe Masked Man)
        Cooking Mama would be pretty fun =P, there is nothing wrong in joke characters
        Yeah, Elma is more relevant than Fiora (despite personally liking Fiora more), being the central character from XCX (and being 1000 times more interesting than the avatar)… Maybe with XC2 we might get another character?

        Also, who is your Top-Choice?

        1. The most Top Three character wanna be in smash are:
          * Lyndis/Lyn (be most popular character FE in history behind Ike and Lucina, She’s deserved present Blazing Sword and her movements are more similar to Takamaru for used a Katana with only different she’s speed character and she’s uses bow) here’s a example how she almost fight in smash https://youtu.be/hQ-tipn-NCc?t=13m23s
          * Impa is maybe one’s most favorite TLOZ character especially her incarnation Hyrule Warriors, while Cloud also used BIG SWORD like her, but in case Impa’s Giant Blade is most speed with jutsu sheikah or she maybe used her other weapon the “Guardian Naginata”.
          * Elma is maybe one’s recently favorite game Wii U, game is too big for me but still playing since 2016….. Elma maybe alongside the new main character xenoblade 2 be part in new smash bros

          Honorable Mentions: Daisy (whatever be semi-clone or she’s used all relation with sarasaland/mario spin-off games), Bandana Dee,

          1. Lyn would be really cool character, her speed could be her best asset. I hope we see her in Fire Emblem Waif…Warriors

            I always imagine Impa using the “rocket gossip-stone” as her recovery move. but yeah, Hyrule Warriors give her great moves that could work in Smash

            I haven’t played XCX yet, but yeah, Elma could be interesting. this video made me watch her as a really viable option https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDdGxAgJpEQ

  1. Since I don’t have an account for both imgur and Twitter (because they’re too dangerous), I’ve decided to make a loooooong list of 100 character roster here. Sorry for being lengthy, I just can’t trust those SNS sites. Honestly, making this list was quite difficult. Thinking of which character should join in and removed or replaced, what that character can do and why they should join…it’s really hard to think of it, even you list it using Excel to arrange things. So, here are the lists I’ve made out so far, including which roster title they belong…

    Super Mario Roster: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser Jr., Toad/Toadette, Daisy, Waluigi
    -I removed Dr. Mario as he’s still the same Mario in different clothing, and added Toad, Daisy, and Waluigi instead, as they all represent important characters of all Mario titles. Although Captain Toad is popular, we haven’t heard of him since then, so I decided to choose the regular Toad instead, and make Toadette his gender alt. Daisy would change into both her princess dress and sportswear, making her faster and powerful than Peach. I was thinking of adding Paper Mario since he’s more different than the original and comes from an alternate universe, but couldn’t add in because the list was already filled up and could remove anyone, so had no choice but to reject him…

    Donkey Kong Roster: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, King K.Rool
    – Added Dixie and K.Rool for the first time, because they have important role to the gameline. Dixie is the main heroine of the series, while K.Rool is the main villain. I don’t know if Dixie can become Diddy’s clone, but makes her faster, light, and powerful, and uses her guitar as a Final Smash.

    Legend of Zelda Roster: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Toon Link, Impa, Toon Zelda, Tingle
    – Added Impa, Toon Zelda, and Tingle as new rep. Decided to replace Sheik with Impa, because Ocarina of Time has become an old title, while they both can share same moves and stats as they’re both Sheikah Tribe. Her design can be from Skyward Sword, but in an original Twilight Princess style design to relate with others. Toon Zelda was added due to balance with the Toon universe character and maybe a Zelda clone, and Tingle was added for being a joke character, but a major role in his own main titles.

    Metroid Roster: Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Sylux
    – Added Sylux as new rep. Sylux had an important role due to his personality, and now planned to return in Metroid Prime 4. Didn’t add Ridley because it was difficult to envision him as a fighter than being a stage boss instead.

    Yoshi Roster: Yoshi
    – Sorry, but only Yoshi. Even Kamek is important as a villain, couldn’t add him as its difficult to envision what moves he’ll use.

    Kirby Roster: Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede, Waddle Dee
    – Added Waddle Dee as new rep, bringing 4 Kirby heroes since the Kirby Wii game. Waddle Dee (or Bandanna Dee) is now the important character of the main 4 than being a common enemy, and can be the only fighter with a spear.

    Star Fox Roster: Fox, Falco, Wolf, Slippy, Krystal
    – Revived Wolf as a returning vet and added Slippy and Krystal as new rep, all representing playable fighters from Star Fox Assault. Wolf can have a chance to change his movesets more differently than Fox and Falco, and change his Final Smash to something more different than the generic Land Master. Slippy can be the slowest but can use several mechanics from Star Fox Guard. Krystal is a risky character whether she’ll appear in the Star Fox Zero sequel or completely killed by Nintendo due to her lack of popularity, but since Sakurai was planning to bring her in since Brawl, I thought she should have the chance. Using the Krystal Staff as her main weapon rather than the Blaster is plausible and uses the Walker as her Final Smash can be interesting.

    Pokemon Roster: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Charizard, Lucario, Greninja, Decidueye
    – Added Decidueye as a new rep, in order to complete the Starter Triangle alongside with Charizard and Greninja. Plus adding the missing type, Grass and Ghost in Smash. I was planning to add Nihilego too as being an Ultra Beast rep and additional of the missing type Rock and Poison, but declined due to difficulties of envision.

    F-ZERO Roster: Captain Falcon
    – Sorry, but only C. Falcon. Other racers were difficult to envision.

    Earthbound/MOTHER Roster: Ness, Lucas
    – No changes with these two as being the important protagonist of the series, while didn’t add in Ninten because he’s not different from Ness.

    Fire Emblem Roster: Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina, Corrin, Micaiah, Anna
    – Decided to keep Lucina as being the most popular female character in Awakening, which I can think of different movesets for her rather than being a Marth clone. Replaced Robin with Micaiah since they both can use magic, but wouldn’t allow Micaiah to use sword instead. I saw many were choosing Anna for this roster, and decided to add her in by not just being an important character throughout every series, but can use various weapons from swords, axe, spear, bow and arrow, etc., even a sack of money if possible. (lol)

    Kid Icarus Roster: Pit, Palutena, Dark Pit, Medusa, Viridi
    – I was planning to remove Dark Pit for good since he’s no different with Pit, but decided to keep him for possibilities to change his movesets to completely differentiate with his original. Added Medusa and Viridi as new rep, as Medusa being the main villain through the game’s history than Hades, and Viridi being more important to the series later on. I don’t know if both goddesses can become a Palutena clone, but Medusa can be unique for using her petrify magic in Smash for the first time.

    Warioware Roster: Wario, Ashley
    – Added Ashley as new rep due to her strong popularity, and possibly the main heroine of the series.

    Pikmin Roster: Pikmin & Olimar, Pikmin & Alph
    – Separated Olimar and Alph to give them different movesets and gimmicks. Olimar can keep the Purple Pikmin, while Alph uses the Rock Pikmin as replacement. But entirely, Alph may end up being Olimar’s clone.

    Animal Crossing Roster: Villager, Isabelle
    – Added Isabelle as a new rep, due to being the main heroine of the Animal Crossing series. She might end up being Villager’s clone, but maybe differentiate using many furniture and other unused tools as weapons.

    Wii Fit Roster: Wii Fit Trainer
    Punch Out Roster: Little Mac
    – No changes without additional new reps. Can’t think of any.

    Xenoblade Roster: Shulk, Fiora or Elma
    – To be honest, this was really tough. Shulk may remain, but wondering which character should add in this roster; whether to be Fiora as a main heroine and only character in her machine form, or Elma as a Xenoblade Chronicle X protagonist. Couldn’t choose which is best preferred because both are important and unique. Also wondered if I should add in Rex as a new rep for the upcoming Xenoblade 2, but didn’t add in since the game haven’t been released yet. Maybe as Shulk’s clone, but not right now.

    Retro Roster: Ice Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, ROB, Duck Hunt, Mach Rider
    – Ice Climbers returns as a returning vet, while adding Mach Rider as new rep. I do see many fans were voting for this character, even planned to add this character in Captain Rainbow during development before declining. It seems this character is important as well as part of Nintendo history, more better than choosing Excite Bike.

    Japan-Only Roster: Takamaru, Prince Sable, Lip, Captain Rainbow
    – I don’t know if this’ll work, just like how they brought Marth and Roy to Melee, and Lucas, which all these characters were Japan-Only characters (which Lucas is still is), I thought they’d give a chance. I do think these characters are more noticeable enough in the West, so there may be chances for their inclusion. Captain Rainbow is a key character who helped bringing minor Nintendo characters, which is Little Mac, Takamaru, and Lip, back in the spotlight, so I thought he should join in as well.

    Modern Roster: Inkling/Octoling, Spring Man/Ribbon Girl, Tibby, Chibi-Robo
    – Mainly the characters who’s known in the 21st century so far. Inkling and Spring Man should have alts that can change gender, such as Inkling girl and boy, and Spring Man and Ribbon Girl due to similar movements. At the same time, Octoling should be perfect as Inkling’s alts than a clone, since they fight similarly. Tibby should be a best Rhythm Heaven rep than Chorus Kids due to the importance of his role, and Chibi-Robo who have experience on fighting thanks to his most recent game. This was also another difficult roster to think of, since there were other options like Isaac, Saki Amamiya, Starfy, etc., but decided to keep these four since they’re more popular at this moment.

    Konami Roster: Snake, Bomber Man, Simon Belmont
    – Decided to bring 3 characters only for each 3rd party rosters. Unknown whether they should return or not, but added just in case. Snake should return as returning vet, while adding Bomber Man and Simon Belmont as new reps, since their games were mostly released on the Nintendo platform.

    Sega Roster: Sonic, Bayonetta, Arle
    – I was wondering if I should keep Bayonetta or not, or move her as being a Platinum Games character. But at this moment, I decide to keep her in this roster. Also added Arle as new rep, since she’s another important mascot of Sega’s popular puzzle game, having more games on the Nintendo platform, and same age as Sonic.

    Capcom Roster: Mega Man, Ryu, Arthur
    – Added Arthur as new rep, having more games on Nintendo platforms, and experienced crossovers alongside with Mega Man and Ryu.

    Bandai Namco Roster: Pac-Man, Heihachi, Valkyrie
    – Added Heihachi as new rep upon modern games, and Valkyrie upon classic games. Heihachi should work differently from Ryu’s, as much try not focusing on combos if possible, maybe in the Street Fighter X Tekken style. Valkyrie is also important in the Namco franchise, as being another character experiencing crossovers as Pac-Man.

    Square Enix Roster: Cloud, Erdrick, Randii
    – Unknown if they’ll come back for another Smash, but added just in case. Added Erdrick since Dragon Quest is another popular RPG alongside Final Fantasy and him being the main face of the series. Randii’s also the main face of Secret of Mana series, and had the series on the Nintendo platform most of the time, even brought Seiken Densetsu Collection to Switch as a celebration of its 25th Anniversary.

    Other 3rd Party Roster: Ryu Hayabusa, Jibanyan, Steve
    – Only chose one character each from possible first time 3rd party companies, like how they brought only Square Enix’s Cloud to Smash 4. Koei Tecmo has a strong relationship with Nintendo as Ninja Gaiden was born from the NES, so Ryu Hayabusa’s inclusion should be perfect as being part of Nintendo’s history. Jibanyan is the main mascot of Level-5 than Professor Layton now, since Yo-kai Watch is more popular at this moment. Steve may be a Microsoft character, but the company has allowed bringing the game to the Nintendo platform, so his inclusion may be plausible due to being the most popular franchise in the world than Banjo Kazooie.

    Indies Roster: Quote, Shantae, Shovel Knight
    – Representing the indie games, as their games are now playable through the Nintendo platforms. As Cave Story, Shantae, and Shovel Knight has been released worldwide and became popular, their entry is plausible.

    Mii Fighters
    – Why not?

    And that’s quite it. There are so many choices I could’ve made, but really difficult because there’s so many of them that’s popular, unique, and important. I don’t know the possibilities of these characters though, but would like to see them in the game. Honestly, I really don’t want this game to become a MUGEN game because that game doesn’t need to make any sense, but even then, making this roster was enjoyable and imaginative.

    1. Hh, I didn’t knew that those kind of sites were that dangerous =/ but thanks for writing your roster here =)

      Dr. Mario always get’s the short end of the stick. Despite being one of my original Mains, having him only works for me as a “free add on” at the end of the roster =P. I hope someday he could get a new moveset that plays more with his viruses.
      And yeah, even with 100 spots is hard to put every personal favorite.

      If we get Dixie I hope she get’s an original moveset… I mean, why would she have a gun? and she doesn’t have a tail …

      Talk about a controversial choice replacing Sheik =O (but it’s a good argument nevertheless)

      Yeah, Ridley is still too big and complicated to be easily implemented without compromising his identity **cof cof Ganondorf cof cof**

      Kamek could be really cool, being able to float like Peach but with a projectile based moveset. I would put him under a Bowser Logo (With Bowser and Jr.) just to make some people mad =P

      Bandana/Waddle Dee, I think is one of the most requested characters overall, and that’s pretty amusing.

      5 characters for Starfox is quite a lot, but the more the merrier, especially if the 2 newcomers have their special touches.
      I envision Slippy having maybe the best jump of the game, being even better than Falco’s, but being much more defensive.

      I hope Decidueye doesn’t suffer the terrible fate of Sceptile, being fine tuned to be in Smash, but left alone in the end.
      Also, Nihilego could be really cool, but yeah, sometimes is hard to imagine them, the same with Tapu-Koko

      F.Zero and Mother are at this point “mementos from the past”… I hope we get new games for their franchises sometime in the future

      Micahia replacing Robin is also a controversial option, but I can understand it. Also. Anna fighting with a bag of coins would be really fun to watch

      Medusa and Viridi are both good options,without being clones… I have some difficulties watching Viridi on the battlefield (as she doesn’t appear to fight in KIU… Right?). Hades could be a Stage himself, that could be amazing.

      Ashley is on the same boat than Bandana dee. she could be really fun.

      Poor Alph, almost no one knows how make an original character of him.. that’s why I put the “golden goo” in my roster =P

      Isabelle could use some Happy Home Designer furniture to attack too, that could be fun

      Between Fiora and Elma you got the best answer: “why no both?” also, maybe Rex could become interesting, specially if the red girl is his Monado as some people believe, that could be interesting, summoning her for attacks for example… we will have to wait.

      Mach Rider I think is less important than the Biker to Nintendo… but it’s a lot more Cooler XD

      Having a “Japan Only” group is a great Idea! also, those 4 characters could really be great at Smash, specially Lip and Cap. Rainbow, having their own fun gimmicks

      Yeah, those 4 “recent” characters are the most relevant right now. Poor Isaac tho.

      Those 3 Konami characters really feel at home on Smash… I hope Nintendo buys Bomberman (and Castlevania…. Metal Gear would be harder to get)

      Arle could be a perfect foil to Lip, I wonder what design of her would you like to use.

      Sir Arthur would be a blast to play as

      Namco has a enormous list of great characters… I would like to play as Taizo from Dig Dug (besides Nightmare), but yeah, Heihachi and Valkyrie are more important to Namco’s History.

      Speaking of That, Square also has characters with great potential… I would add Chrono to your list (and Agnes from Bravely Default as their newest Nintendo IP)

      Ryu Hayabusa could “do a Snake” having moves based on his NES and Modern eras.
      Jinbanyan really stole the spotlight from Layton =o
      Steve… yeah, despite everything, no one can deny that Minecraft is one of the most popular games in history

      Thanks for sharing your Roster and arguments!

  2. http://imgur.com/a/9ajXF

    Here’s mine. This was a pretty fun thing to work on. My roster is pretty similar to the other ones on here, and my reasoning for the characters is pretty similar.

    Some personal biases:
    Jura & Nibbles: Coming from Fossil Fighters, a less-than notable IP, but it just happens to be one of my favorites.
    Zoda: I wanted another F-Zero character, and Zoda seemed the most interesting to me, even if he isn’t as important as characters like Samurai Goroh or Black Shadow.
    Starfy: His series is on hiatus, though it’s still one of my favourites.
    Urban Champion: His game is a sort of weird predecessor to Smash, and it’s one that I am fascinated with.
    Lloyd Irving: The main character of my favourite non-Nintendo game.

    Characters that almost made it include: Crono, Nikki, Waluigi, Kamek, Cranky Kong, Mimikyu, Tapu Koko, Pulseman, Professor Layton, Jibanyan, and Porky.

    1. Neat roster. thanks for sharing it
      .- Fossil Fighter is a series that really flew under a lot of radars. but it’s really nice that you represented them in your roster.
      as appearing in Smash (even if it is a fan made roster) can give them more recognition.
      .- Zoda as an “Enemy character” is a good idea, I don’t know that much about him. but reading his wikia article makes him look like a ferocious foe.
      .- Starfy: yeah, I wonder what is TOSE doing now with their experience helping in Breath of the Wild
      .- Urban Champion could be a great surprise character, coming to Smash with street tactics and strong punches.
      .- Lloyd: did you know that the Mii swordfighter has a lot of moves that are suspiciously similar to Lloyd’s moves from the first Tales of Symphonia?

      wow, that list of “almost made it” really speaks a lot about how not even 100 characters is enough sometimes.

      1. Thanks for taking a look at it. I kind of want to try one with 200 characters, though I’m not even sure that would be enough honestly!

        I had a Lloyd Mii made from day one, with the Lloyd Mii Fighter outfit being the only costume I’ve bought. At times it feels like he’s in the game.

    1. Neat choices!
      Specially “Felyne” from Monster Hunter. It was a top choice for me, as Monster Hunter really had it’s home on the 3DS (until last week…)
      But my own “rule” of “just 2 characters per third party company backfired at me… but if not in place, the roster would look like a “Vs Capcom” game!

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