Is it Travis Touchdown’s Time to Smash?

This week, Nintendo showed the newest entry in the No More Heroes franchise: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Therefore, we thought it’d be a perfect time to discuss the main character, Travis Touchdown’s chances in the next Smash. No More Heroes debuted ten years ago on the Wii, developed by the legendary Goichi Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture. The sequel was released in 2010 also on the Wii. Goichi Suda has been quite vocal about his desire to see Travis join the battle, but does he have a chance? NantenJex, the video lead at Source Gaming is here with me to discuss. NantenJex, how do you feel about Travis’ chances in the next Smash?


Our interview with Suda:

Straight from the Source: Goichi Suda (No More Heroes)

IGN Interview with Suda.

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  1. Travis’ inclusion does sound kinda awkward at this moment. While I don’t mind seeing him in Smash, it really depend on how he’s identical to the players. Not everybody know who he is, thus he may not be that identical as Bayonetta. It doesn’t matter if anybody played the game before, but it does matter on whether anybody ever heard about him. But eventually, that can be said the same thing with Bayonetta, who was an unexpected inclusion back then. So his inclusion may be possible, but I doubt he’d be there from launch, but maybe as a temporary DLC inclusion. Even if Mr. 51 heavily requests his inclusion, it all depends whether he’s REALLY that important to be in Smash, because not anybody or everybody can join the brawl.

    By the way, I tried compared his sales with Bayonetta’s through VGChartz, but I pretty much found out that No More Heroes didn’t sell well than Bayonetta’s…

    NMH’s :

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