Why the 4Chan Leak is FAKE!

So today, an image leak was released on 4chan detailing that Smash Run and Break the Targets were coming to Smash for Switch. However, these images were validated as being fake. In the video below, we detail the inconsistencies of the leak and why some things just don’t add up.

While this leak might be fake, it still doesn’t rule out the change of a true Smash for Switch happening however.

What do you guys think of this leak? Would you want Smash Run or Break the Targets to return in glorious HD? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you to Nirbion, ConnorEatsPants and TheRealHeroofWinds for pointing out these inconsistencies.




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Gaming is a passion that I’ve had ever since I was little. Smash is just a natural stem of that passion that has constantly evolved ever since I got older.
It’s one of my favorite pass times and interacting with people who have the same interest is really cool. I also hope to extend it into Source Gaming and do something to help make the community better.
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  1. When I heard that this leak was from 4chan, I knew it was gonna be fake, because all fakes come from 4chan! That’s I’ve been telling everyone for this whole time, never trust anything on 4chan because its for trolls!!!

    But even this leak is confirmed fake, the possibility of having Smash for Switch is plausible. Not as a new game, but a port instead, if the rumors we’ve heard so far is true. But even then, we shouldn’t expect anything at this moment as we should all hype responsibly.

  2. I would go with fake as well. The font for the damage percentage feels off among everything else said. There will be a Smash game eventually coming but possibly not in year 1 of the Switch’s life.

  3. The models look like 3DS models, of course it’s fake. Shame though, I would have liked what looked to be individual Break the Targets stages.

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