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Today, we’ll be doing something a little different. This post is the status of a huge rumor that was posted October 13th, 2016 on the site GameBlog.

Special thanks to LuigiBlood who provided the translation to English.

NantenJex, LuigiBlood and I went through and checked each of the claims that were part of the original rumor. Considering that Mario and Rabbids is more than likely a thing, we thought it’d be appropriate to re-examine this rumor to see it’s current status.

Surprisingly, it has a high success rate, but some of the claims were pretty obvious. The rumor still has parts that may or may not be true, but it’s worth checking out the details yourself and coming to your own conclusion. If the inline doc viewer messes up, you can view the doc here.

Translations by LuigiBlood. Data by NantenJex and PushDustIn of Source GamingOriginal post here
- 1.5 TFLOPS (inserted in the dock), battery mode runs components slower to save battery time, 720pConfirmed(Not sure about 1.5 TFLOPS)
- 4GB DDR4 (1GB for the OS derived from Android)UnknownOS is not derived from Android, Switch does have 4GB DDR
- GPU will have a specifically made APU engine for upscaling native 720p* to 1080p on the dock mode similar to nativeConfirmeddock mode upscales
- One of the models will only have 32GB of flash memory *see cartridgeUnknownThere were two SDK models: SDEV, EDEV
- Battery life can go down to 3 hours on big games, retro games can go to 6/8 hoursConfirmedNintendo confirmed this
- Amiibo are compatible, "one" that will be like a "deluxe" memory card (can unlock saves/dlc temporarily to a friend's Switch)UnknownSplatoon 2 amiibo's functions sounds a little bit similar
- There are several models (SDK), one that has more flash memory (so at least 2 bundles day one), which is why there is a rumor of a price around 250€ for the most basic one and 300€ for the one that includes a game.UnknownThere were two SDK models: SDEV, EDEV
- At Nintendo, 1080p/60 FPS* is the norm except for open worldsUnknownsomewhat true?
- A third bundle is linked to Zelda (collector) at 350€ which includes the second SKU with a pro controller and unknown bonuses but no guarentee it will be available day oneConfirmed
- Recommended official cartridges for day one are 16GB but Nintendo lets the 3rd parties choose, can go up to 32 and 64GBConfirmedIn Switch developer leak
- Every cartridges can support microSD for downloading updates/DLCs linked to the game, you can add 128GB of memory via SD card, hard drives are not compatibles including in dock modeConfirmedI assume he means that updates and DLCs can be downloaded in the internal memory or microSD (can support up to 1+ TB)
- USB port for charging is Type C (really good apparently)Confirmed
- A 1080p screen Switch model is planned in 3/4 years (if you are patient) like the Xbox Scorpio, it is totally compatibleUnknownWe will have to wait and see
- All the recent graphics engines are compatible and functional and Nintendo has shared a few assets with some "3rd parties"ConfirmedDoes he mean Unreal Engine 4 and Unity?
- PS4 ports are planned especially from Japan, my source isn't optimistic about the western support for pure "ports" because it needs work to go from x86 to Switch...and Nintendo isn't interested about those preferring exclusives and partnershipsConfirmedDragon Quest Heroes?
- Netflix / Video Streaming 4K (dock mode), to note that Nintendo is looking for partnerships to connect the console to the Internet "everywhere" very easily, how? I have no info about that.UnknownMay be hinted by the system settings?
- A very close bond to Nintendo's mobile games (without more precision)UnknownCan add friends from mobile games
- A transfer method will be possible for certain data from the Wii U (saves and eShop games, players can get remastered versions for free or for a low price)FakeCannot transfer data from Wii U
- 4 Wii U remasters: Splatoon / Smash Bros. / Mario Kart 8, 4th is unknown but isn't Zelda (considered as a port), a "good amount" of new content, Mario Kart 8 Switch adds an Item switch option like Double Dash (seen in trailer)UnknownSplatoon isn't a port
- There will be remasters of games from earlier generations from N64 to Wii, my source thinks the rumors of Sunshine HD and Skyward Sword HD are credibleUnknownSunshine HD doesn't sound likely if GameCube VC is a thing
- Mario 3D: There is 2 teams, "Galaxy 2" team made 3D World and "Galaxy 1" team which made Captain Toad on Wii U was also working on an Open World Mario for Wii U which disappeared, we can think one is a new Mario and the other a "Galaxy 3".Unknown
Note: Sunshine HD is externalUnknown
- 3 Retro Studio games: An action-adventure game like Uncharted was planned for the Wii U, almost complete it could have been released with the Switch in NovemberUnknown
"New IP and Old IP": My source has smiled at the mention of Startropics "which isn't on the NES mini for nothing", another game is a Donkey Kong Country and also a Metroid Prime. Warning, only 1 or 2 games are ready for the launch.Unknown
- Luigi's Mansion 3 exists, my source has played it, it is by Next Level Games (who made the second on 3DS) as a "training", probably available day one "very beautiful"Unknown
- Pikmin 4 "no info"Unknown
- Internal projects from Nintendo are unknownUnknown
- Platinum Games
There is a close bond but my source doesn't think it would go to being bought by NintendoUnknown
Action Climax game like Bayonetta (But not Bayonetta 3)Unknown
Fast TPS (Vanquish 2)Unknown
Unexpected IP revivalUnknown
- Monolith Soft
New Xenoblade on Switch focused on narration but keeps the very big ambition for the open world as on Wii UConfirmedWouldn't this be true? Xenoblade 2 is a heavy narration focused game apparently.
Works with Bandai-Namco for "remasters"UnknownMonolith soft are?
- MistwalkerUnknown
Cry On revival (cancelled X360 project) in cooperation with Silicon Studio (Bravely Default)UnknownThey are working together on something. Although Silicon is also doing Octopath Traveller
- Capcom
Monster Hunters, source insists on "S"UnknownRumours it is going to PS4. We will see
Resident Evil 7, no ports planned for the other gamesUnknown"Looking into it"
2D Mega Man revival (Nintendo would even lend a team to Capcom for this)Unknown
"Capcom VS Nintendo" is a serious projectUnknownWith Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite I don't see this being 'serious'.
Street Fighter X TekkenUnknown
- Ubisoft
Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a definitive exclusive with "enough sales" like ZombiUUnknown
A strange crossover with Yoshi and RabbidsUnknownMultiple people are claiming this
Other unknown gamesUnknownRayman Legends port?
Note: Nintendo is negociating Rayman for SmashUnknown
- Square-Enix
Other than lending Silicon Studio (?) FFXV Switch "exists"Unknown
FF7 Remake is planned but after the PS4 versions, Cloud in Smash was not "free"Unknown
For Kingdom Hearts, it's only being thought of, but since 3 runs on Unreal Engine 4 "there is no excuses"Unknown
Nintendo is looking to work in cooperation with Monolith Soft/Mistwalker and a Final Fantasy team to propose a "unlikely" game but is being negociated a lotUnknownOctopath is made by Bravely Default team
- Bandai-Namco
Smash Bros. (it's huge work)Unknown
Tekken 7UnknownI feel like this should've been announced by now.
Cooperation with Monolith SoftUnknown
Pacman (eShop)UnknownNamco Museum?
JRPG (not Tales of) Switch exclusiveUnknown
- Tecmo Koei
Project Zero cooperation still goes onUnknown
More "Musos" but this time more than just ZeldaConfirmedFE Warriors
Subscription & Bonus
- Online is free, Nintendo is thinking on a subscription offer for renting Virtual Console games but with several staying forever even after cancelling the subscriptionFakeOnline is not free, but Virtual Console renting is indeed a thing (Unknown about permanent VC games)
- Some kind of Streetpass with the amiibo I talked about earlier which will give My Nintendo rewards, Nintendo will also reward the Switch transportation with local multiplayerUnknownSplatoon 2 amiibo? It's possible to play local multiplayer on the Switch outside the dock.
- "Achievements will give real My Nintendo points it's not just for 'glory'"UnknownNo achievements in game as of yet
- There is some kind of share function but really few details are knownConfirmedScreenshot/ video coming later
- Lots of attention on eSports and regular tournaments with rewardsConfirmedARMS and Splatoon 2 getting a lot of love
- Free demos like Splatoon didConfirmedSplatoon 2 Global Testfire did happen but that was a safe bet
- Miiverse and eShop are close to what we know but will be accessible from mobile and PC much more easilyFakeR.I.P Miiverse
- Nintendo has learned on its mistakes and will offer a launch for the span of 6 months in game releases, 20 games published/developed by Nintendo per yearUnknown10 games published by Nintendo so far
- Normal price for the "Nintendo" kind of price console and gamesConfirmed
- Nintendo was working on Switch games since January 2015 with 3DS teams includedUnknownDoesn't seem unlikely
- We will be able to try it out in February 2017 and the day after January 13th for the lucky ones who are at the conference akin to a "Playstation Experience".ConfirmedWorldwide Events
- A Treehouse stream for the next few days for the people on InternetConfirmed
- Zelda BOTW Switch will be shown before the conference (Game Awards?)ConfirmedJimmy Kimmel Show
- Very agressive and simple marketing campaign in MarchConfirmed
- 2 million is the objective for Nintendo but plans to deliver 3 millions especially since it's not "early March"ConfirmedSwitch was released in Early March
- 9/10 millions to the end of 2017, Nintendo is confident but plans a plan B for a "more simple" 3DS successor just in case.Confirmed
- 3DS will stay until the end of 2017UnknownMaybe until the end of 2018
Number that are Unknown4866.67%
Number that are Fake34.17%
Number that are Confirmed2129.17%
Total Number of Claims72100.00%

RogersBase, PushDustIn, Spazzy_D and MrNantendo discuss the rumor here!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Did SG do a sort of break down like this for other rumor-sources? Since that sort of thing is definitely useful.

  2. on the Mario 3D one, you can check the credits of both games. I’m fairly certain that it is wrong since Captain Toad was developed by a subset of the 3D World team (with another subset working on the NES Remix games).
    Internal projects from Nintendo are unknown is weird because that’s already contradicted by various other rumors he lists that involve internal Nintendo
    On the “Nintendo releasing 20 games a year”, they already do that. Like they haven’t released less than 20 games a year since the N64 days I believe (Nintendo has an excel sheet on their website listing the number of games released on their platforms)
    Several of dev / publishers listed seem pretty obvious with exceptions being Square Enix (though they had announced DQX and DQXI for Switch at that point) and Mistwalker.
    Listing Monolith Soft and Cooperating with Monolith Soft is redundant especially since Monolith Soft is a part of Nintendo and was already confirmed for Switch with BotW (and would be highly implied regardless)
    As of official statements, RE7 and Tekken 7 are fake. Both games’ producers denied that those games would come already.
    I feel like this is a dream list combined with a look at Nintendo’s recent decisions.

    1. Now looking at the actual spreadsheet, it makes more sense now. Going down the list. Something that’s planned for 3-4 years in future is really shaky. Only the hardware designers would know that at this point.
      I’m confused at the New and Old IP line as it suggests Retro’s 3 games are StarTropics, DKC and Metroid Prime which leaves no room for New IP. Even if it isn’t refering to Retro, none were for launch
      The “Internal projects from Nintendo are unknown” feels contradictory since it mentions Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 remasters as well as the 3D Mario stuff (never mind that it’s wrong) and those are internal as well as Monolith Soft stuff. He also mentions teams have been working on Switch games since 2015. Hell, to know this stuff, the person’s source would have to be high in Nintendo of America which makes the absence of some games notable (like 1-2 Switch and ARMs)
      The 20+ games a year as I said, is already what Nintendo does.
      On the Platinum Games stuff, Vanquish 2 is weird as Shinji Mikami is no longer at Platinum though I guess it could be done
      On Capcom, as I said, RE7 is bunk. SF x T could happen but, seems really late and they’re putting USF2 on the thing which seems like a larger effort marketing wise than SF x T is now. The 2D mega man is weird by the addendum of Nintendo lending a team when they should already be making one for the cartoon.
      On Ubisoft, the missing Rayman Legends and Steep seems like notable absences as well as not mentioning stuff like Assassin’s Creed or any of Ubisoft’s big IPs. They could not be bringing any of those games but, if they do, it should be a significant mark on the rumors since that’s a really big absence
      On Square, FFXV is pretty damn unlikely as it’s made on an engine that they only used for FFXV. The collab with Mistwalker and Monolith Soft and a FF Team is weird as they mention Cry-on earlier and two collabs for Mistwalker seems pretty out there. It’s also missing Dragon Quest and Project Octopath Traveler
      On Bandai Namco, Tekken 7 is a no go as Harada said so. Cooperation with Monolith Soft is shaky as it’s yet another collab on top of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the asset team working on various Nintendo games.
      A lot of the other stuff is stuff people suspected or rumored with a lot of vague stuff including some of the stuff he gets right

  3. I’ve heard many times about the rumor of Mario X Rabbid RPG, which I really disliked the idea as being too meaningless for a crossover game. But when they’ve proven that the rumor ended being true, I brought out one question to this point………WHY?

    I mean, having a crossover with Rayman is understandable due to being a popular Ubisoft game and I will accept it if possible. But Rabbids? WHY??? They’re not even popular entirely, not even Japan are really familiar with them! Eventually I’ve showed their picture to one of my friends in Japan and got a response of saying “What the hell is that thing?!?!” Seriously, I don’t understand the existence of Rabids; they’re not rabbits, they’re just some noseless and toothless midgets wearing an ugly rabbit-like costume of voodoo. And they’re allowing Mario and his friends to use guns to kill them…??? I gotta admit it; if people says Shadow the Hedgehog game was terribly in many ways, then I’d say this game’s gonna go straight to the trash can or flushed down to the toilet.

    Also, I do think this game’ll end up being exclusive in the West, as this game’s perfectly not familiar in Japan.

  4. The “Monster Hunter PS4” rumor comes from a 4chan post, and Japanese investors are predicting it sticking with Nintendo.

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