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SEGA revealed some great and exciting news about their next Sonic-titles. But before we look forward to Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania, let’s look back at Sonic Generations and what made it so good in the first place. Gotta go Game and Fact!



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  1. Did You Know Gaming also said the stages from Secret Rings and Black Knight were part of the stage votes. Its odd why none of them didn’t make it in the game, even it was referenced in the cut scene for the home console version of the game, hence those two titles are Nintendo exclusives. Its also odd they didn’t add in stages from the handhelds, like Sonic Advance and even the old Game Gear games. Besides, it is understandable they didn’t add in the Shadow the Hedgehog stages, since this wasn’t Shadow’s 20th anniversary. (lol)

    Eventually, I played the 3DS version of this game, but really lacked the excitement than expected. It could’ve been great if they ported the game to the Switch since it can handle their limits now. Please do it for the Nintendo fans Sega, I really need to play the home console version of it…

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