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WordPress broke the add-on 🙁 There’s been a lot of errors lately because of the newest update.


I think Nintendo only uses “amiibo” in their ads.


Ahh, okay. I can understand that thought process then. With me, my most wanted character is so unlikely (9-Volt from WarioWare), that I’d personally be thrilled with a costume.

Arthur 97

Replied inline:
I can ask the other staff if they want to take over a week or something. I end up doing it as staff members don’t usually have the time to do it.

vigilante 155


Yeah, that’s actually our concerns!


That’s not trivial! It’d be nice if those purchases actually carried over.


That’s another issue 🙁


I’m not sure about the perfect ship, but they are pretty good!

Matt Bankey

That’s true. I think with the lack of stock, I think Nintendo is trying to avoid overstock issues. However, because of that a lot of their products are understocked.


That means some of those titles are probably being developed in an engine for multiplatform, and the developer isn’t 100% sure that the game will be released on the Switch.


Hmmm that’s a good point. There’s no evidence that the Pokemon Trainer was worked on for Smash for Wii U/3DS so I’d be reluctant to add them to the list, unless it was under “considered”. I’ll try to Soma about it and she what he thinks. 


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