Developer Survey on the Switch by Famitsu

The newest Famitsu just came out, and while looking through it we noticed there was a developer survey about the Switch. Basically, Famitsu asked 24 gaming companies to give their thoughts on the Switch. Originally we were posting it on our Twitter, but there’s a lot here so we decided to round it up into an article for you guys. Here are translated excerpts from that survey.


Are you developing any games for the Switch? 

54% -Yes, we are developing for the Switch.
25% – We are considering it.
17% – We are not developing any games.
4% – No response


Will you release a game on Switch at some point?

46% – Yes.
46% – Under consideration
4% – said they don’t think so right now.
4% – No response.


What are your thoughts on the Switch?

Surveyed opinions: The fact that they have a gimmicky controller instead of a standard one is very Nintendo-like | Being able to play home console level games on the go is like a dream machine | It’s next generation hardware that marries the portable and the home console, but whether that will translate to users is the biggest concern | There are unique functionalities like the HD Rumble and the IR camera, but I feel like the appeal of those functionalities isn’t being conveyed well to the consumer |


Do you think gamers are looking forward to the Switch? 


50% – yes
38% – I can’t say either way.
8% – no.
4% – no answer


How do you feel about the price?

67% – just right.
25% – it’s cheap
4% – it’s expensive
4% – no response

What are your thoughts on the paid online service?41%: – No problem with paid online

38% – Free would have been better
17%  – Can’t say either way
4% – No response

What features or modes are you particularly interested in?
14 Votes – 3 modes of play
10 Votes – HD Rumble
9 Votes – Joy-Con
8 Votes – Being able to play local multiplayer with the Joy Con
5 Votes – Motion IR Camera
4 Votes – The online service (including the mobile app)
2 Votes – Local Switch multiplayer
1 Vote – Screenshot function
1 Vote – No Response

“What genres do you think are suited to the Switch?”
18 Votes – RPG,
18 Votes – Action
14 Votes – Simulation
14 Votes – Puzzle
14 Votes – Racing
11 Votes – Adventure
11 Votes – Quiz
10 Votes – Simulator,
10 Votes – FPS/TPS
7 Votes – Shooting
1 Vote – No response

What does the Switch need more of?

34% – A full lineup
34% – A system seller
8% – Promotion
20% – Other
4% – No response

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  1. “What does the Switch need more of?” 20% of it is “Other.”

    That’s a significant margin of responses, one in five! I wish they gave more details on what these “other” ideas might be for what the Switch is lacking.

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