Unused Petey Piranha Animations Found in Smash for Wii U



crashandcortex has recently found some unused data in Smash for Wii U which might indicate that Petey Piranha is a scrapped boss character. He found unused animations which are NOT present in Brawl, and are completely new. The animations can be used with another model, but because Petey Piranha’s model nor textures exist in the game, another character’s data needs to be used to see these unused animations.

Reminder: There are no models, textures, sounds, parameters for Petey Piranha. Only animation data.

Source Gaming has verified that the animations are original to Smash for Wii U, and are not leftovers from Brawl.

Warning: Speculation below:

We also checked what Ridley’s animations were, and they are in a similar style to Petey Piranha’s. It’s possible that Petey Piranha was intended to be a Smash Run enemy, as the Wii U version also features leftover data from other Smash Run enemies. However, Ehm of TCRF has confirmed that “bosspackun” (the Japanese name for Petey Piranha) does not exist in the EU 3DS version, so it seems unlikely that he was a Smash Run enemy. Since Petey Piranha does not exist in the character database (where the Virus characters were found, along with other boss characters), it’s quite possible that Petey Piranha was scrapped fairly early.   


epicmartin7 and I briefly discuss the findings and show off the animations below.

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  1. If this was intended for a level, what would it have worked for? A new Sunshine level? Perhaps Delfino Plaza from Brawl was imported as a replacement? Hmmmm

  2. Maybe it could have been meant for a scrapped boss battles mode or something? I mean, there were voice clips about something similar in the code. And there aren’t exactly any stages in the game I can see a Petey Piranha boss working in. So perhaps boss battles was meant to return from the original game, or an adventure mode esque deal was planned before Sakurai and co changed their mind about it?

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