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Anonymous SG Fan

I believe that too. Especially paired with his comments about how characters are the most important part of a new Smash.

Arthur 97

Sorry, I’ve been obssesed with fake news since I started SG and found all the misinformation in Smash.


Yeah, that’s my issue with how social media sites. It has the danger of creating an echo chamber effect more than ever.


I think your summary of the issues of the games are pretty spot on.

I wonder what will hold back the next Smash. In some way, Sakurai is going to try to be over ambitious with it again. It’s already rumored not to hit the console launch. If it’s just a port,with possibly two characters, then it really shouldn’t take THAT much time.  Maybe we’ll see a return of a story mode?


That’s very true. Cherry picking/ not presenting the full story is not accurate either.

Arthur 97

We don’t usually post stuff that’s related to real news, though gaming is certianly effected by it! I merely wanted to discuss my own opinions and how I could see it relating to gaming journalism.


That’s what I like about Pichu. If you lose against him, it’s a bit of an embarrasement.

Overall, great responses to the Favorite Clone in Smash article! Lots of great choices (with the exception of people who picked Dark Pit. I kid, I kid).


Probably the best kind of attitude to have with it. I’m confident in my sources, but just having sources doesn’t garauntee accuracy.



Replied in line:

Personally contact. I heard it over a week and a half ago. I wanted to verify information before proceeding to post it despite them leaking things to me privately in the past.


Yeah, it’s really up to each person to go out and investigate information themselves.

Troy Kv

There seems to be a split among SG staff on this. Some people believe that we’ll get the cut characters of Smash for 3DS/ Wii U, while others believe we’ll get newcomers. I think if there’s only two: it’ll be a mix.


I’ll write something up~! If you guys ever have a suggestion for an article, feel free to let us know in the comments or Tweet at us.

Arthur 97

Well, he did make them 😛


GC Virtual Console would be an amazing addition to the Switch. GC is one of my favorite systems to play.

It might be the case of 2 characters, and then DLC. Sakurai did seem to enjoy working on DLC as it was more focused development.

I agree, in the end it’s best to Hype Responsibly.


Definietly remember reading about it in Japanese. Will have to look into it to see how people feel about it.


No worries, thanks for taking to the time to write out your thoughts!

Jocario Zero

Thanks for the comment! I think a lot of people learned their lesson from the last cycle and are actually keep their expectations in check. Once it actually gets announced, we’ll see how people react!


Good point about the Oracle games. I guess I’ll have to conceed my point about Ganondorf then!


I don’t think they are going to save characters — especially when Sakurai is never sure he’ll come back.

Ryan Hines-Kazama

I think you are forgetting I talked to the informant directly :3. They said two, which includes either newcomers and/or veterans, but didn’t specify.


I agree with you. I think the port could be the only Smash game we see on the Switch. Maybe they will support it for a long time with DLC, as you suggested. The system is set up, it allows developers to balance the game, and players will pay for it. It’s a win, win, win for Nintendo.




That’s it for this week! Thanks to everyone the commented on our various articles. Hope to see you next week!

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  1. I’ve never understood the argument about “saving” characters. We haven’t seen them do it before, and we don’t have much reason to think they’d do it now. Besides, by the time a fully new Smash game would roll around in 2023 or so, there’ll be plenty of viable newcomers who don’t exist yet!

  2. The reason I was against the fake news article was that it was veering dangerously close to getting political, and I hate when sites that are inherently not political talk about politics.

    Also, see George Lucas comment for that third one.

    1. So far Smash Brothers has not released two entries on the same system, disregarding virtual console releases (with Smash 64 on the Wii, and Melee rumored to be on the Switch)

      Since the situation here is we’re likely going to get a port instead of a new game (and it’s too early for a new entry) with exclusive new content, it makes sense that we might not get a new game later down the line because we already will have a “new game” on the Switch.

      But who’s to say, we might get a new entry down the line – the future is always the unknown.

  3. In response to Munomario777’s comment, I’d only be okay with that if they adjust the pricing of the DLC this time around. I couldn’t complain too much about the price of DLC for Smash 4 just because I loved the content so much, but if they do intent to support the game with additional content for a longer time than they supported Smash 4, then I’d hope that they realize how much that’ll end up costing the players in the long run.

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