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I’m now pretty behind on Featured Comments. Let me explain: my girlfriend has moved to Japan for three months, so we’ve been spending weekends together. This means, all my free time that I’ve been using for Source Gaming has to be better managed than it has been. Before, I was using almost all my free time to run the site, but now I can’t do that. Last weekend, I met up with Nantendo, and James Montagna (from WayForward) and all of us hung out! It was a lot of fun, but that means I had only time after my actual job this week to work on Source Gaming projects. These projects included interviewing Jeff Manning, some other discussions, and organizing posts/ working on guest posts. Therefore, Featured Comments weren’t prioritized, and today is my first day that I can work on them.  So, I hope you can excuse me for not being 100% around.

This article looks at comments made from the November 6th- November 8th!

I’ll finish catching up this week (I promise!).

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That’s very true! It’d be interesting to see how Sakurai would approach Ryo.


There’s a lot of reason to be concern about a Smash for Switch port. Controller options, is going to be up there. Luckily, Sakurai seems to want to accommodate a lot of controller options, as he included a ton in Brawl and Smash for Wii U. I don’t think Switch will force you into one scheme.

Vigilante 155

Will let the staff know. We also accept Guest Posts, if someone wants to write one!


Everything Sakurai had said, it would’ve been different characters on the same slot.


In all fairness, Pichu’s gimmick was a continuation of Jigglypuff from Smash 64. Sakurai wanted to add a joke character that was intentionally weak.

With a lot of clones, there’s not an option of having a better moveset or not. It’s the option of having the character even being playable.


Why not just build upon Smash for Wii U/3DS? Building upon it means that there’s less of a chance of things getting cut.

Peridot Gem

Pretty much this. With Wario’s series being splintered into Wario Land and WarioWare, it made a lot of sense to represent who Wario was, instead of one series over the other.

Peridot Gem

Remember, we wrote a timeline of development if you ever need to reference it!


Ryu and Ken’s differences sounds a lot like the difference Lucina, Marth and Roy. With Black Pit and Pit, there aren’t that many differences but it was a decision made very late in development. That’s probably why Dark Pit didn’t have a challenger screen while Lucina did.


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  1. “Why not just build upon Smash for Wii U/3DS?”

    Because I don’t want to buy what is basically the same game for a third time. Smash Wii U is my least played Smash, and one of the reasons is because after sinking over a hundred hours into the 3DS version by the time I played it, it felt like I was playing the same game despite the new stages and modes. A brand new Smash would make things feel fresh again.

    “With Wario’s series being splintered into Wario Land and WarioWare, it made a lot of sense to represent who Wario was, instead of one series over the other.”

    Why couldn’t he represent both (and Wario World too for that matter)? Have him have the shoulder barge, piledriver, Earthshake Punch and bike all in one moveset. Wario Land is barely existent in the Smash series, and Smash 4 reduced what little representation it had even further. Literally the only Wario Land thing in Smash 4 is one song, and it wasn’t even a remix.

    1. In all fairness, you probably feel that Sm4sh for Wii U was too much like Sm4sh for 3DS because they were meant to provide the same experience. Aside from the differing modes and stages, the characters and mechanics are more or less the same between the two, and that’s how you experience the gameplay. Even though each game was meant for different purposes (3DS was for personal use while Wii U was for local multiplayer if I’m not mistaken), they are both still “Smash 4”. To that end, I don’t think you should have expected a different experience between the two.

      1. I didn’t expect a different experience, I just didn’t expect to feel burnt out on Smash 4 by the time I got the Wii U version. This is why I’d really rather not have Smash Switch just be the third version of Smash 4.

  2. Yo Push, you put this comment twice on two different Featured Comments. Not sure if I posted the exact same thing twice on two separate occasions though. I seem to check this site every other month…

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