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This is a good point about Pit vs. Ridley. Pit does have a logical reason for not being to fly around freely.


I’d be really happy if Ashley made it into the next Smash. With her assist trophy and her getting a costume, I feel that she has a decent shot.

By the way, if anyone hasn’t seen XKan’s translation comparison of Ashley’s Song in English and Japanese, make sure to check it out!


That’s true. However, saying that Sakurai chose to work on Kid Icarus simply out of personal bias just because of affinity for Pit via Brawl, is wrong.


One thing about Smash is that it must mix a bunch of universes together while keeping the universes in tact. In Other M, Ridley can still pick up Samus, and is still pretty big. Downsizing Ridley might break the Metroid universe in Smash.

This is different with Olimar, because he’s not sized against the other characters. He’s never met any of them in his games.

There is some of that (saying it just because Sakurai stated it). But there’s also trying to understand why it’s an issue so we can come up with ways to fix it.

I’ve said it in the past, and I’ll say it again — if the Metroid team can create a version of Ridley that is able to become a fighter in Smash, I think it’d would erase a lot of the barriers Ridley has.


I’m not an expert on F-Zero lore, but a lot of the moves just wouldn’t work for Black Shadow. I don’t think a slow moveset would still fit Black Shadow because he is from a racing game. Then, on top of that the magic powers that Ganondorf has in Smash wouldn’t be applicable to Black Shadow. Black Shadow has some magical powers– like being able to summon Blood Falcon out of Captain Falcon, or magically bind Captain Falcon. They could easily pull stuff from the F-Zero anime as well.


I think 5-7 is the likely number of new characters. It really depends on a lot of factors we don’t know: how long have they been working on the port? how many people? Will they still update the 3DS?

J. G. (@GeneralRayburn)

If the amount of content determined the price alone, then Hyrule Warriors:Legends would be an even more expensive on the 3DS.

For the Kid Icarus: Uprising reply, see above. I really think that “itch” is in your head.

A lot of Ryu, Ken, and Akuma’s moves are visually similar. Ken and Ryu just switched their Neutral Jump Light Punch and Diagonal Jump Light Punch it seems. The specials are very close, just different versions of them. That seems exactly like clones in Smash.

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That’s a good point to add!

We are planning on doing a full discussion on controller options and a Smash for Switch! If you guys want to see a particular discussion, let us know in the comments!


If they aren’t prioritized when making sequels, and don’t replace unique characters, I really don’t see the harm of clone characters.



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  1. Hyrule Warriors Legends is a “deluxe” edition of Hyrule Warriors, a 1.5 year old game. As I stated before, developers always get away with releasing the same game with more content so that you end up paying twice. Street Fighter is the most known culprit of this. Additionally, they probably wanted to port to the 3DS because of the large market it has compared to the Wii-U.

    How often does Sakurai “redesign” characters that he has no affiliation with? He’s the reason why Pit looks the way he does today. He could have made him look like his original NES appearance for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but didn’t. Pit wasn’t even able to turn his bow into two blades. That was Sakurai’s idea. You are implying he has no Kid Icarus bias, so then why did he choose to give Dark Pit, of all people, his own character slot? Why does he deserve it? “All in my head”, right.

    Ryu and Ken both have the Ansatsuken fighting style which looks basic and straightforward in appearance, which is why you may point out similarities in their move set. They were both meant to have the same fighting style. Pit & Dark Pit were meant to have different weaponry, but Sakurai still insisted he had to be a character, god help us all.

    Ryu & Ken play differently in SFIV. Ryu is more of a zoner while Ken has to be played more in the mix-up game. Not just a simple tweak, a move that a character should have had all along, or a “different” Final Smash. Smash for Wii-U & 3DS came out in 2014. SFIV came out in 2008.

  2. “I don’t think a slow moveset would still fit Black Shadow because he is from a racing game.”

    I don’t really buy into the idea that all F-Zero characters need to be fast because F-Zero is fast. If Smash got more Sonic characters would they all have to be fast due to that series’ emphasis on speed? Do all Mario character have to have great jumps and recovery moves because they’re from a platformer? Relative to other F-Zero characters Black Shadow seems to have less emphasis on speed and more on power. Relative to his own series it makes sense to have him be a tank. Even just looking at his body type its hard to see him filling any other role.

    Looking at the Samurai Goroh assist trophy he doesn’t move especially quickly despite being from F-Zero. He’s also one of the assist trophies that moves in a similar manner to a playable character so it seems like a fairly safe assumption that if he did make it into the game his movement wouldn’t be all that different from what we see of his AT. It doesn’t seem like Sakurai believes F-Zero characters need to be fast.

    “Then, on top of that the magic powers that Ganondorf has in Smash wouldn’t be applicable to Black Shadow.”

    Considering Ganondorf’s darkness is purely for cosmetic effect this isn’t much of an issue. You could remove or reskin the darkness effect on Ganondorf’s moves and his moveset would remain functionally identical.

    You may not even need to go that far though. I’m fairly certain Falcon’s fire moves in Smash aren’t actually based on anything, hell the darkness effect isn’t really reminiscent of anything Ganondorf has ever done either. Ganondorf’s magic tends to be more light based along with occasionally fire or lightning based as Ganon. He presumably got saddled with the darkness effect because he’s evil and/or has an association with darkness in some games. If being evil and having an association with darkness is all you need for the darkness effect to be considered suitable for your character, I see no reason the guy named BLACK SHADOW shouldn’t be just as eligible. You even said yourself that he does show off some vaguely magical abilities. Furthermore we already have a precedent set for F-Zero characters getting nonsensical elemental effect on their moves in Captain Falcon. Black Shadow having darkness moves makes just as much if not more sense than Falcon using fire.

  3. “and don’t replace unique characters”
    Falco got in over Wolf in Smash 4 despite the latter being much less of a clone.

    “I really don’t see the harm of clone characters.”
    I already explained it in depth, but to sum things up:
    – wasted potential in movesets (Ganondorf, Toon Link)
    – padding that bloats the game and makes 100% completion more of a grind
    – overepping series (Star Fox in Brawl, Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem in Smash 4)
    – adding characters that aren’t even needed in an All-Star game (Dr. Mario) or wouldn’t have gotten in on their own merits (Roy)

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