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  1. Interesting topic! I seem to remember reading somewhere that Satoshi Tajiri once said he believed Pokemon should be easy for children to draw or sketch (the earliest designs, anyway). Pokemon are more based on fanciful / fantastic renderings of real-life animals and are easy to identify, often with localized names that match their description (Ratatta = a rat; Pidgey = a pigeon, etc.). Yo-Kai designs are very bizarre by American standards, and lack that approachability to Westerners; just look at Hungramps and that sperm-cell-looking ghost thing in the image used for the video. I don’t fault Nintendo for giving Yo-Kai Watch a chance in the West, but I doubt very much that we will get any more games beyond Bony / Fleshy, unless they are somehow wildly successful.

    James Jackson (@JJtheTexan) on October 18 |