Ryu: The King of Crossovers

Ryu. We all know him, and we’ve all played one of his games. He is not only the poster boy for Capcom, and its cross-over games, he is in a way a symbol of all fighting games. Originally hailing from the Capcom-made Street Fighter series dating back to 1987, Ryu has since gone on to appear in a staggering amount of cross-company games. This has inevitably lead him to tangle with some of the best and biggest fictional characters the world has ever known.

Ryu has made appearances many times outside of the Street Fighter series, so he’s probably exchanged blows with the highest amount of different types of popular characters – Masahiro Sakurai.

In a similar fashion to a previous article that I worked on, the Extended Mario Universe, this article’s goal is to outline every character who Ryu has ever tangled with on his quest to become the greatest fighter who ever lived.

Some notes:
– Duplicate characters were not counted, for example Evil Ryu, or Dr. Mario were not counted.
– Card/Mahjong games were not counted either.
– Green box outline denotes an Assist character in their home game.
The total…


You can find the full list of names below:


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  2. Jesus! Also considering the Miis. Does one at least deserve a spot or are they duplicates?

  3. I’m not surprised at all, he’s the most shilled character from a company who just loves shilling their stuff. Of course he’s in everything.

  4. My heavens…After reading this, I think it’s safe to say that Ryu is “the TRUE link between worlds.”

  5. I’ve said one time when he got announced to Smash. He’s like the Kevin Bacon of video games.

    1. Nice work, searching all those games.. then having to crop all those images of the characters into those little squares and then compiling all of it in the image.. must have took a lot of time.

  6. To be fair, doesn’t he fight alongside the characters in Project X Zone and not against them?

  7. Wow, look at all of these characters! I can hardly count them all! It wouldn’t be odd that he might meet more new fighters in other worlds in the future I guess. Virtua Fighters…Dead or Alive…Dynasty/Samurai Warriors…Final Fantasy…Jump Comics…hell, anything can happen (but don’t add Mortal Kombat or DC Comics in there because they’ll kill him instantly). He’ll just cross over universe to universe in order to fight somebody who’s stronger than himself! Never forget his famous Japanese phrase…

    “俺より強い奴に会いに行く!!(I’m gonna meet the stronger fighter than me!!)”

    I was wondering why you didn’t add in Wreck-it-Ralph in this topic, but I later realized he never met anybody in the movie except for Ken. Archie Comic’s Sonic X Mega Man crossover comic “Worlds United” also made Ryu meet with other Sonic, Mega Man, and other Sega & Capcom characters, but I guess this wouldn’t count because they’re comics.

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