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E3 is here! All the streams occur very late for me, so I haven’t been sleeping as long as I should be. Lots of news — some good and some bad. Regardless, I always enjoy the passion of E3!

This article looks at comments spanning July 8th, to June 13th (Japan time).

There were a lot of great comments on SourceGaming Presents: Marvel vs. Capcom 4! However, since the authors have replied to those comments, I haven’t featured/ responded to them here. Please check out the article, and the discussion happening there!


Yeah, it really is such a difficult task. It gives some insight just how hard of a job Sakurai has when deciding the roster. He has to include characters that people want, but still make it interesting. Limiting the roster to 30 characters would not be practical, but it’s still a fun exercise.



I thought this was an interesting approach to the question. In some ways, it works but in other ways it doesn’t. As much as I enjoy the retro characters, they would be over represented in this approach.

JaidynReiman (@jaidynreiman)

The question of Yoshi and/ or Wario is kind of interesting. It totally depends on the timing of when the roster was being made. Wario has had more stand alone entries than Yoshi, however at this present time Yoshi has had a newer game in his series than Wario (Woolly World is newer than Game and Wario). With the N64 and Yoshi’s Story it made sense to include him on the N64 roster.



It’s just a fun mental exercise. Some people have argued that Smash would benefit with fewer characters for balancing reasons. The balancing of Smash is pretty deliberate, so I think even with 30 characters the competitive community wouldn’t be exactly happy.  Characters are a huge draw for Smash, so I don’t think they would ever have less characters.


Shantae also had a full page advertisement in Famitsu a couple weeks back! Her next game is being localized here too. We had an interview with one of the developers from Way Forward! If you haven’t listened to it, we discuss the localization of Shantae too.


That’s a good analogy and pretty accurate.

From: Why Having Sources Does Not Guarantee Accuracy

Spoiler title

Already responded but here’s my response:


The only issue with that theory is that the Ice Climbers’ emblem reference was totally removed.

rhythm still exists.

They lasted longer than the Ice Climbers.

Ryan Hines-Kazama

Already responded, but here’s my response:
Share, and Tournament are modes.

To expand upon it, it comes from The Creators Hands are Alive and Well which was translated by us (led by Masked Man!). Japanese doesn’t have singular/ plural, so it’s unclear if Sakurai meant one mode, or many. In retrospect, we should have added a translation note or parenthesis when we posted it. However, with the inclusion of Share and Tournament, I do think modes is the correct translation.


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  1. Alright, I will accept that imagining Smash with a 30-character limit could be an interesting creative challenge. I didn’t even consider thinking about it from the development’s perspective until now. However, it’s my personal philosophy that if I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big. With that aside, thanks for featuring me again!

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