SourceCast #15 — Pre-E3 2016 Discussion ft. NintenDaan


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Welcome to the 15th episode of SourceCast. In today’s episode Nantendo is joined by contributors SmashChu and Neo_Zero with our special guest returning from SourceCast #9, the always wonderful games journalist NintenDaan, who recently jumped onto Patreon which is something I urge you all to check out and support (he definitely has Source Gaming’s backing, 100%!). E3 is less than a week away and so Nantendo brought these three together to talk about what they hope to see while on the show floor, especially now that Nintendo has weakened their presence at the show by only having Zelda Wii U and Pokemon Sun & Moon to show.

In this episode we look at Nintendo’s Zelda plans for this E3 including its 90-minute demo and Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation. E3 is not just about Nintendo though and so we also gave our thoughts on what else we might expect to see at the show. This includes the rumored PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio; Playtonic games revival of the 3D platformer, Yooka-Laylee; the long-time coming Kingdom Hearts 3 and more. Finally, we discuss the future of E3. Nintendo is not the only company who have lowered their presence at this year’s E3. Activision, Disney Interactive and Square-Enix are also coming in small this year compared to previous years and what we want to know is ‘Could this be an odd year for E3 or is this a sign that the event is beginning to fade away?’ We hope you enjoy this episode and that it gets you hyped for this years E3, which is less than a week away!


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