Nintendo Direct 3.3.2016 Discussion

Direct discussion

Out of nowhere, Nintendo just broadcasted the newest Nintendo Direct yesterday. And there were a lot of new information about upcoming Nintendo-Titles for Wii U and 3DS. If you missed the Direct, you can watch it here and if you just want to know announced release-dates and other details, we also prepared a handy Summary-List for you.


But that’s not all, folks. PushDustin, SmashChu and Nantendo also discussed in this new video about the new information for upcoming titles. What did they like? What not? And what was (or wasn’t) a surprise? Check out the video below to find out:




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  1. I was happy to see Mario Maker including keys and doors soon! Now my Zelda levels can be even more Zelda-esque without convoluted “locked” door schemes. xD

    I was really happy and surprised to see Medli in Hyrule Warriors. I do like her a lot.

    Other than that, Rhythm Heaven seems like a lot of fun for people who like WarioWare!

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