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A lot of comments this week! 40 comments on the Famitsu Article we posted. It’s always great to see so many comments on our translations on SG 🙂 Hopefully the new layout is making it easier to read through the comments. It’ll be difficult to choose the best, but here are some of my favorites/ responses. (From February 7th to February 12th, Japan time).



Going meta here. 🙂

We actually discussed the results in the podcast. Give it a listen! Also, I figured out why the links weren’t working last time. I was copying a link to edit the post from the admin panel. Since you guys (shouldn’t) have access to edit the articles, the links don’t work. Sorry about the confusion last week!



Sorry about the link mishap! I *just* realized what the mistake was.

That actually sounds like an interesting article idea (and one that would be fun to compile). I’ll add it to my list of things to do.

Looking back on the older Smash comments is really fun because you realize how little the Smash fanbase is. The only difference is the size.


Yeah, I’m very optimistic about his return to Smash. This and the Fire Emblem 25 Anniversary interview are all really good signs that he will return.


Smash Run and Smash Tour’s whole conception relied on the notion of the 3DS being private (the “home”) and the Wii U being the public (the “coliseum”). Smash Run in it’s design requires a private screen, while Smash Tour shares the screen with everyone. That design was made on purpose. While some elements of Smash Run were cut due to limitations of 3DS hardware, I’m not sure if Sakurai will port it over to the home console version of the NX (if both versions are ported over). Adventure Mode was officially cut because Sakurai didn’t like videos to be uploaded on the Internet because they were “rewards” for players. Sakurai was probably insulted as he literally poured his blood and sweat into those moves as he acted them out. A big part of me suspects that it was just good planning that the sequel to Subspace wasn’t made. It essentially delayed the game and took a huge toll on development (read the previous link). Subsapce Emissary was essentially a separate project plan, and the original idea was to have another studio make it. This time around they already had two versions of the game be developed at the same time so they really didn’t need the equivalent of three games being made at the same time….

Takamaru’s reasoning makes perfect sense. I never heard of Takamaru until I really got into Nintendo. Casual fans don’t know him (though that’s changing with Nintendo Land and his appearance in Smash. As Spiral mentioned in the reply to you, Marth makes a lot more sense because his series is alive and healthy. He was also planned for Smash 64 (something I did suspect for awhile because Fire Emblem was the only series to get a separate series group in the If There Were a Smash 2 Poll, but it was finally confirmed by Sakurai this year. I also really need to recreate that Definitive Unused Fighter List. I think I can really improve the formatting…

This isn’t a response to Notshane’s comment, but some of the other comments I’ve seen online. The hardcore Smash fanbase really overestimates it’s influence and size. I’ve said this before. Heck, a former Nintendo employee outright confirmed it (Seriously, go listen to it…it’s one of the most important Nintendo podcasts out there). Smash sells 10,000,000 copies. Online communities are lucky to reach 200,000 (and that’s not the active users). We have a representation of less than 2% of the actual Smash fanbase (everyone who buys the games) who is being vocal online. Of course that’s just counting largely the English community. If you want proof of the larger fanbase…consider this: 1,744, 608 people opted in to report their playtime for Brawl. The Nintendo Channel wasn’t switched on by default. That number is still much larger than the Smash fanbase online, and it still doesn’t include all the sales to the game. A lot of people Smash.


I would expect more DLC like that in the future. Smash DLC has been very profitable for Nintendo, and I’m sure the next version will have a lot of it. Costumes make a lot of sense.


I do have it mentioned in the Timeline of Masahiro Sakurai, and he was the chief director (Shinichi Shimoura was listed as the director). I’ll update the article! Thanks!


That might be his thought process (if he decides to go through with the port). Just work with the base and add new characters. It’s clearly beneficial for everyone involved.

Arthur 97

I don’t think 3rd parties will drastically outweigh the number of Nintendo characters. I’m against cutting them and going back to “all Nintendo” (which is an idea some people have).  Even if Nintendo doesn’t get SFV or FFVII (which are projects which were 100% started before those characters got into Smash), then it still does open more doors for them in the future. Like I said, Bandai-Namco has a lot of interesting Nintendo content in Monster Hunter X. Nintendo needs to continue to foster these third party relations to keep the support going.


The video just basically repeats the articles. So if you’ve read the articles you understand the majority of the video. We’ll publish our notes next time, but I’m not sure if we will create a transcript as we have way too many projects going on =/.

Note: I didn’t feature any comments from Top 15 Capcom Characters for Smash Bros. This is because the authors of that piece have done a great job replying to those comments/ questions already. So please check out the comment section if you haven’t!

There was also a lot of back and forth in Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 499: Exhaustion and Excitement that I didn’t feature either (some great points on both sides!).


Also, last day to get your questions for Artsy Omni. Please submit them here!


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  1. For some reason, video games lend themselves REALLY well to analogies about cooking and restaurants. You hear it all the time from people who work with Nintendo.

  2. Cool, I got featured! Yeah, I don’t want to get rid of all of them either; I just don’t want it to lose that Nintendo-esque feel that is a key part of the series. Maybe some companies will give Nintendo more attention, but it just doesn’t seem all that likely that Nintendo putting in their characters will do that. Plus that hype seems to get less and less with each character added making them unsustainable as hype inducers. Regardless, thanks for trying to address my comments.

  3. I’ve been featured 3 times now. If I get featured again, do I win a prize? 😛

    Jokes aside, thanks for responding again, though I really like these articles for seeing some of the other comments that I might have missed, since I do like seeing what people have to say.

    Speaking of the Subspace Emissary, it was my absolute favorite thing about Brawl and the reason I’d still pick it up and play it. I was hoping to see a story mode in Smash 4, but now that I understand the amount of work that went into it, I’m not that surprised that we couldn’t get an entirely new version. Speaking of the whole cutscene thing; when you take all the cutscenes together, it’s over 40 minutes of animated goodness. That’s long enough to be a feature film by some standards, and I can kinda understand why he’d not want people to just have access to it without putting in the work for it. Still an absolute shame, since I’d have absolutely loved a new story mode – though, we’d probably end up having the game delayed as a result.

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