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Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to increase exposure to the unsung heroes of Source Gaming, you!

We get some of the best comments any site could hope for. They are informative, interesting and (usually) very kind. Thank you very much!

Here are some great comments that if you don’t check the comment section, you might have missed (From January 1st to January 8th, Japan time).

I was already midway done with Is Sakurai a Liar? when I saw this comment. I was really happy because I knew that zoniken would really appreciate the upcoming article!



 Wolfman_J worked really hard on that article! I also didn’t realize he didn’t cover the main theme, so I thought it was a particularly useful post.


First time poster, and a very well thought out opinion. What’s not to like?

mrjbrpg is our biggest supporter on patreon! We will be doing our best to honor his requests! After I finish my writeup on The Case for Smash NX, I plan on investigating The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers.


The Barrel is Half-Full spurred a lot of discussion. It’s not something I 100% agree with, but I still think it’s a valid argument. A lot of people see Smash as a celebration of Nintendo. Now, I’m a Nintendo fan-boy through and through so I wouldn’t mind a full-on celebration of Nintendo. I just personally think the series has outgrown that, and has the potential to reach a wider audience with the inclusion of more 3rd parties.


Comments that correct us are my favorite. I encourage all the writers to source as much as possible (well it is in our name). That way we can be fact-checked. If everyone assumes what we are saying is 100% true, then it could lead to the same exact situation that led to the creation of The Definitive Unused Fighter List, that is something that’s just accepted as truth because no one bothered to check.


In the end, a moderate approach is probably for the best!


I have something new to bring up to people when they say Sakurai is a troll. Thanks haruhisailormars!

Is there a comment I should have highlighted? Let me know in the comments! (har har!)

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  1. Sent you some sources to go over. Multiple people giving different examples for excluding characters caused Capcom to get labelled trolls. Some excuses given were definitely “on the spot” answers and not well thought out like Sakurai. There may be translation issues involved with Niitsuma but saying you won’t add anymore characters from a franchise seems like trying to mislead people to me.

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know comments would be featured, I feel honored. Heh. Thanks. : )
    I can say that I agree with mjbrpg with the fan-games part. I’ve played them only very few times, and sometimes people simply dismiss it as bad or un-worth to look at. I disagree a lot with them, those games like Smash Flash, Crusade, Super Smash Land and others I don’t know of are very hard to do, and anyone can see that the people who worked on it were very dedicated. It would be cool if they weren’t ignored completely, they’re a specific part of the fandom afterall, one that is inspired by Smash to make and design their own games, what is very cool, they probably understand Sakurai’s point of view more than most since they made their own version.

  3. I was surprised that my comment would be featured as honorable mentioning. I’m also glad that my comment made you happy, and I really thank you too!

    It is painful to see how many fans out there are making so many mistakes about Smash Bros. and Sakurai’s situation. Although Sakurai stated the DLC production will be completely over after Corrin and Bayonetta’s release, they still believe Sakurai is lying for no reasons and bringing out false information that more will come which includes Wolf. Sakurai never lies at any point, and if he did, he’d been terminated and cancelled the project from the very first place instead. These fans refuse to wake up from their disordered dreams and accept the truth and reality, and it is really disappointing how many fans are being extremely childish on these things. Seriously, these fans need to be more wise to understand how Smash really works, and nothing is meant to be simple as they think.

    Although I may still like more, I do think this is the limit for Smash 4, and I am satisfied how the roster is now as it seems perfect than before. I’m enjoying Cloud as well, and I can’t wait to play Corrin and Bayonetta. And eventually, although not promising, I can still hope for more if Smash 5 will be planned, but definitely not expecting anything so I won’t be disappointed later on. Furthermore, no matter how many people are still disappointed with Sakurai for no reasons, I’m still thanking Sakurai for doing such a great work for us Smash fans.

    Once again, Thank You!

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