1. I’m excited for My Nintendo… getting rewarded for playing games? Finally. I do wonder how exactly that’ll work, though… do we earn points / rewards through regular play, or only through special events?

    Miitomo seems cool, but I agree with the sentiment that it should broaden to more than just “friends.” I hope they change the direction a little bit, maybe allowing the user to change what information is shared with everyone and with friends only, and hopefully incorporating a system that finds others based on common interests or answers.

    I do wonder what platform(s) the Nintendo smart phone apps will be on, though… the answer to that will influence what kind of phone I get when I do decide to upgrade from my 90’s-riffic brick.

  2. I really don’t know much about the apps version of Nintendo games. Although smartphone apps are being successive, not everything is perfect among player and fan’s expectations and satisfactions. To me, apps are nothing more but blood-suckers, what I mean is forcing people to use their real-money to purchase anything, including small or unimportant things. Even retries are limited every time you play; you need to pay to continue playing that game if you lost all your lives, otherwise you have to wait for the next 24 hours to reset those retries (and I know this only have in certain puzzle games like Candy Crush and it might not be such a big deal but STILL!!!). Personally, I just don’t want to waste my credit card just for purchasing something that’s not really necessary to the main game; it just makes me become regretful if that purchased item was a failure and it cannot be refunded. Well, this is just my opinion towards apps which I may be wrong, I’m just wasn’t a fan on apps in the beginning. However, this game may be something that may change my mind if there’s a possibility to it.

    Using the Tomodachi Life based game for a starting point of this project does make perfect sense. Releasing a very first new game for that new system is something risky whether to make not just only the game but system successful. If they released a new Mario game that could be action, sports, puzzle or anything for the first game of apps series and ended up as being unsuccessful due to some technical problems or lack of satisfaction among fans for some reasons, then this project would end up as a huge mistake, and that is something Nintendo never want to have in their fate. Miis are always been a starter point of new game systems, and it did make the system successful because of the Mii based games; like Wii Sports for Wii, Street Passing for 3DS, and even Wii Sports Club for Wii U. Although this game will be released globally, like PushDustIn said above, I think it’ll be successful in Japan because Mii games are a lot popular there. I don’t know how Miitomo will become successful at this point since it lacks info, including the new system and feature for My Nintendo account, but I rather say that this game is still in a prototype stage, so we could expect something more to that game probably until the end of this year or beginning of 2016. I think it should be a perfect timing to show the Direct anytime in November.

    Delaying to March 2016 does make sense. Not to mention Pokemon Go will be releasing sometime next year, so maybe it’ll be released alongside with Miitomo in next March? But anyways, since these games will be only for iPhones and Android, I know it won’t work on my Microsoft smartphone since it wouldn’t download anything from Google Play and iPhone shop (which my phone already SUCKS!!!!), so I might change it to iPhone probably in the end of this year.

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