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I’m so glad that there are people out there who are open minded about these kinds of things. I think Pikmin fans in general should give the 3DS game a try, if they don’t like it after that; fair enough. Petitioning to have a game cancelled is just preposterous.

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At the risk of opening up a can of worms here, is it fair to say that Smash Bros. lacks depth? If we look at the flock of newcomers in the latest Smash game alone, many are among the deepest, most unique characters we’ve ever had. We have stages like Pyrosphere and Pac-Land. There’s a ton of depth.

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To add to this, I’d also like to point out that Sakurai second-guessed adding Corrin due to the amount of Fire Emblem content in the game. It’s not unreasonable to think a new Fire Emblem character won’t be a high priority in the next Smash.

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Colour Splash’s hate is routed from a place where fans believe that a game ‘should conform’. I think the backlash to Federation Force proves that whether its considered a spinoff or not, really doesn’t make a difference to blind hatred.

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As someone who has recently purchased a Dreamcast system, most of the games I currently have for it are overly Arcade-esque in vibe. It’s hard not to draw that analogy, when the top games on the system include titles like Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Power Stone and Crazy Taxi.

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  1. To comment on the Color Splash backlash, the hate doesn’t fully stem from fans wanting the Paper Mario series to conform to the first two games, although that is a contributing factor. It comes from Sticker Star being an unfun mess that is somehow both boring and frustrating, and Color Splash being a total repeat of Sticker Star and all (or at least most) of its problems. People shouldn’t pigeonhole those who dislike Color Splash into the “hates change” camp, as they expect quality from the Paper Mario series, and the formula of the first two Paper Mario games has been proven to work, while Sticker Star’s has been proven to fail. Witty writing won’t save Color Splash from its bad battle system, disjointed progression, and lack of originality, as those are all things that have been inherited from Sticker Star. People who implore the pessimists to “give Color Splash a chance” have little ground to stand on when Color Splash has the same downfalls as Sticker Star, a game that we’ve already played. People were optimistic about Sticker Star before release but were let down in the end, so they have no reason to get excited over the extremely similar Color Splash. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    1. That may be so, but that doesn’t account for the people who didn’t quite hate Sticker Star. I thought Sticker Star was mediocre at worst, and Color Splash looks like an improvement in some areas. Both games definitely have their issues, but not enough for someone like me to claim the game is ‘doomed’ before release. Also, I can’t help but notice that you’ve focused on the first two Paper Mario games in your argument, but you’ve left out Super Paper Mario. I’m just curious what you thought of that one, since I don’t often see people bring it up, even when comparing every single other Paper Mario game.

      1. Color Splash being improved from Sticker Star isn’t saying much, especially since CS still has SS’s fundamental flaws. I’d say that CS is doomed, but mostly because it’s a late Wii U game, although it looking bad like SS will definitely cut into sales a bit. One reason why I don’t agree with CS optimists saying that it’s better than SS is that Paper Mario already has an effective formula and high quality games, so why do we have to settle for less: an “improved Sticker Star”?

        I didn’t mention Super Paper Mario because it wasn’t fully relevant, as SPM was clearly a one-time experiment. SPM has the quality writing, story, and characters of the first two games, but has an inferior gameplay style. I enjoyed SPM on my first playthrough, but now find it tedious to play in subsequent runs. I like the story and characters, but I find the core gameplay to be mediocre, as it is essentially a 2D Mario platformer where you have to backtrack a lot and jump on enemies multiple times to kill them. SPM is just “okay” to me, but it’s miles above Sticker Star.

  2. I think you forgot to add the names of who wrote which comment, just letting ya know ;P

    The shame about the Dreamcast is that even if the games did feel like arcade games, they were still great games. It’s actually kinda sad to think about how a system could fail even though the games are good, just because it’s not what the market was looking for.

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