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  1. This is quite a great video. I like the new Pikmin. It does look majorly different, but it still look solid, and I think the fact that Smash is just barely chugging along on the 3ds means Pikmin would be crazy hard, considering that game pushes limits already.

    All Nintendo did was they best they could, and the fact that people are already making dumb petitions that’ll never work and ranting over Nintendo not making a game they can’t is disgusting, especially from the Pikmin fanbase, a seemingly tame one.

    aguchamp33 on September 13 |
  2. He make excellent points and some of them would be the ones I’d say.

    I personally think the Petition won’t be do what they want.. I don’t think the 3DS has enough time for a full development cycle of a game like Pikmin. If the software team starts today I doubt they’ll have a good game with in the next year where I think 3DS would already be on the way out..

    Pikmin NX on the other hand.. It could be actual Pikmin 4.

    mikesharpewriter on September 13 |
  3. A pretty great video, this topic needed a calmer and more thorough investigation. I didn’t even think about how the 3DS screen might have been too small to actually play a Pikmin game. Not just from the gameplay perspective, as being precise when striking targets is very important, but from an exploration perspective too. If you can’t see what’s around you in a wide area, then you might end up missing on treasure that was just out of screen, and you might be more susceptible to ambushes from enemies you couldn’t have seen. You’d have to play slower and make more elaborate movements to uncover the terrain, but considering how the length of the day is already something you have to be wary of, slowing down the pace of the game might not be a good idea. Of course, this conversation was tailored for the 3DS, so I wonder how the N3DS would have fared better. I’m not sure how its resolution compares, but if it’s enough to run Xenoblade Chronicles which originally appeared on the Wii, then there might be some merit into looking into that.

    Spiral on September 15 |