SSC11: Time Crisis Prime 4

In the latest episode of Super Source Cast, NantenJex, Spazzy and TheMangoViking have come together to discuss news from Nintendo’s investors meeting, rumours surrounding highly anticipated Switch titles, the future of amiibo, Kingdom Hearts 3 and a very disturbing transformation for Jigglypuff.

Special thanks to AThunderousCat for helping us with the audio.


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Intro/outro is Toothsome Fancy by I’m Not My Body And Neither Are You by Spooky Cheddar.




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  1. For the next Pokemon game, I can think of about 9 countries that could be made into Pokemon region: Mexico, England, Greece, Africa, Norway, Germany, Russia, India, Spain and Australia. I like the idea of Greece, Norway and India because we could make Pokemon based around mythological gods like Zeus, Odin or Vishnu. What do you think?

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