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  1. This really surprised me…I mean, it does make sense why this wasn’t revealed in that infamous Direct Mini. It’s meant to be a brand new feature that would surprise all viewers and Nintendo fans, and it’s a good idea! While I do hear many complain that it’s for kids, then I do think they’re making a terrible mistake what Nintendo and games meant to be. Nintendo started as a toy company before they’ve entered the gaming business, and this is the return of that important history. And although I don’t think using “family friendly” is a right word for this case, Nintendo mainly focuses games on all ages, from children to adults, NOT only for adults or children; and that is something all game fans, who’re mostly adults, need to understand a lot. This franchise does help kids enjoy crafting while playing the game, while adults can go back their childhood days to enjoy crafting with them. It’s good how Nintendo took this new step to imagine how both kids and adults can enjoy Switch with each other.

    For me, I’m not sure if I’m gonna get the game, since I’m not good at crafting (even I really suck at origami either). But it is really interesting that I do feel like I wanna try it out. The fishing, giant robot, and motorbike is the one I’m interested in, and I can’t wait what kind of new things Nintendo will bring out.

    zoniken on January 19 |