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This article mainly looks at comments from March 17th – March 22nd (Japan time, but I might draw in some older comments.

There’s multiple reasons why I haven’t done any Featured Comments this month. One, is because of the Switch and Breath of the Wild. The game completely took over my free time. If you are friends with me (Feel free to add me on the Switch!), you can see I’m pushing 70 hours into the game — which might not seem a lot but remember I work full time, and run Source Gaming. So because of that, my time on SG has suffered a bit. The second reason, is I’ve been a bit depressed lately, which has completely ruined my motivation to work on things. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I’m merely explaining my lack of normal presence. This week, the SG team will be coming together to discuss what we should do with the site and the YouTube channel in the future. Hopefully, we can carve a bright future for the SG community!

I might start pulling in comments from YouTube next time, as we’ve been getting a lot of comments on our channel. Let me know how you guys would feel about that.

 (Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!


I agree with you! Even casual Office Suit users know about Clippy, and how annoying he was! I know someone who tends to use the Dolphin Office Assistant, which is just as bad.

Arthur 97

I think the issue with open world games, or games that give a lot of freedom is that it’s difficult to tell a story. Relax Alax discussed it in his newest video (warning: major spoilers).  For an open world game, you will need to rely on a Pulp Fiction style narrative where things can be told out of order. It really limits what kind of story can be told. There’s a lot of world building or universe building that can be done instead, though.

Having completed the game, I feel the story is alright, but it’s not on the same caliber as other modern Zelda games.


I replayed DKR a year ago, and I still loved it. I think it has a different charm than Mario Kart 64, as it’s more of a racing adventure game  — something that hasn’t been done again, really. I would like the formula to be revisted to see improvements made though.


I still don’t think Sakurai was lying when he said Bayonetta was the most “realizable”. I think he wanted a third party character (As I predicted), and with Bayonetta 2/1 on the Wii U, it made porting the assets into Smash a lot easier. I think she was in demand, but not as in demand as some other characters which would’ve been difficult to implement (or were already in the game), or were niche characters for mainstream audiences.

vigilante 155

I agree with this list, it’s a pretty good one! It’d be weird to see Pikachu in Mario Kart though. I guess I felt that way about Link too, before the Mario Kart 8 DLC (and it’s still a bit weird).


That’s it for today. Have you guys been enjoying the Switch? Let me know!



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  1. Just gonna write down one Smash trivia. Sorry if you’ve already noticed it but…

    During the first trailer of Smash 3DS/Wii U and Villager’s entry trailer, you’ll see two animals shown in the scene where the Villager rushes out; Rosie the Cat and Margie the Elephant. These two references as main casts of the Animal Crossing Movie.

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