GameClub #4 — Paper Mario (Series) Roundup


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  1. CM30’s thoughts on Color Splash are similar to my own, although I have yet to play the game for myself. If a video game’s gameplay is bad, what reason is there to actually play it, let alone ever revisit? As I’ve said before, I’ll get this game for cheap someday, as I’m in no rush to play it nor to give Nintendo money for creating such a poor Paper Mario game.

    As for Spiral on the original Paper Mario, I agree that the opening is awful. Paper Mario having such a boring start greatly deters me from revisiting it, which is why I’ve only played through it twice. It’s also a bit hard to go back to a more limited battle system compared to TTYD’s version; I feel restricted by a 30-BP cap, barely any badges for partners, no HP for partners, and few ways to restore Star Power.

    P.S.: You might wanna fix the paragraph spacing on my TTYD review, Push.

  2. In response to CM30, I was afraid of Color Splash being just ‘a better Sticker Star’, because Sticker Star left a bad taste in my mouth for several reasons. Unfortunately, it seems that most of those reasons have carried over, even if the game is still more enjoyable in general. I really don’t like having to use certain things for certain bosses, and being guaranteed to lose because you used it too early is just cheap. I am glad that certain aspects have been improved, but I’ll probably have to wait on a price drop before I buy it.

    In response to Nintendrone, sounds like you’re a lot better at the game than I was, I remember having to upgrade health and FP a lot more often :O I could never get the timing right on the counterattack, so I always had to settle for blocking instead, so I ended up taking more damage in general than you did. It has been a long time since I last played TTYD, but I still have fond memories of it and I’d play it again in a heartbeat.

    And in response to me…

    “and one oof the enemies in the desert gets repeated in the ruins!”

    Ach, a typo! I spent so much time making sure I caught all of them too!

    Shame no one got to Super Paper Mario this time around, it’s been a while since I played that game and I’ve always wondered what other people thought of it.

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