Vaati Has Been Smashified!

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Everyone’s favorite wind mage has been Smashified! Watch as the Smashified team (Twitter) brings this recurring Zelda villain to life!


If you missed it, we’ve recently joined forces with the Smashified  team to discuss Ridley in Smash! After checking out Vaati, listen to our discussion!

Also: reminder that Hyrule Warriors DLC is not finished, but most of the contents have been leaked through data-mining.


Personally, I’m a little bummed they forgot about Tingle for recurring Zelda characters! Tingle is love! Tingle is life! Embrace it!


Let us know what you think about Vaati’s chances in Smash in the comments below, or on Twitter!


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  1. This is an absolute beauty, the recent Smashified characters have really been fantastic.

    Sadly I don’t think Vaati has much of a chance as things stand. He’s one of the few recurring villains in the Zelda series, but he hasn’t appeared in a game for a good while now and it is worth nothing that the games he did appear in were all either spin-offs or developed by Capcom. With both a lack of current relevance and a (seeming) lack of strong demand Vaati’s chances don’t look to bright at the moment.

    On a personal note, I really feel recurring Zelda characters should be prioritized for playability over one-offs who are unlikely to have much future in the series. This would put Vaati higher up on my list than the likes of Midna or Ghirahim, however I’d still rather see characters with a bit more relevance to the series like Impa. and our lord and savior Tingle of course.

    1. Alongside the disadvantages you mentioned already, there’s also something else to note: Vaati’s last appearance was in 2005, a whopping 11 years ago. However, Smash doesn’t consider the GBA / GameCube era “retro” (though that may change in the future) like the pre-NES and NES days, so I don’t know if he’ll ever return. It’s a shame cuz if nothing else Vaati would be a cool sorcerer archetype in Smash, and another villain.

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