GameClub #3 — Pikmin (Series)


Hello Sourcers!

We have finished our poll on the Source Gaming Twitter account, and Pikmin overcame the competition! It looks like the announcement of the new Pikmin game in the latest Nintendo Direct has people hyped!

This month, we would like to invite people to play the Pikmin series. There are a couple of games that you can play that would fall into this category. Pikmin 1, Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, as well as watching the Pikmin shorts.

Step 1: Own a copy of any of the Pikmin games.

Step 2: Join the discord server! And join the discussion!

Step 3: Follow Source Gaming on Twitter for updates.

Step 4: Write something, and please submit it either to, or via a DM to our Twitter, @AllSourceGaming by September 30th.

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Look at me!

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