July 2016 Review

July Review

July 2016 is over! This month we had our first themed week, and the introduction to GameClub. We also went to BitSummit! Let us know how we are doing in the comments below.  Feedback is always welcomed!  June 2016 Review is here.

We performed slightly better in July than June. We got 20,000 more views than the previous month (for a total of 64,000+ views). The most viewed articles were the ones posted on Reddit did well on Twitter. So if you enjoy Source Gaming, please remember to share our stuff!  

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Videos and Podcasts (7):

Settle it in Smash: Should Sakurai Return as the Series Director? – ConorEatsPants and PushDustIn discuss if Sakurai should come back to Smash.

Discussion on HW:L DLC Leak – Nantendo and PushDustIn discuss the newest findings by RandomTalkingBush.

SourceCast #17 – E3 in Review – The SG Team and Jared from Nintendo World Report reflects on E3.

Squirtle ivasaur (1)

Squirtle and Ivysaur Probably Didn’t Get Far into Development – PushDustIn tries to clear up some misconceptions.

Nintendo Re-Releasing the NES?!? – Spazzy_D and PushDustIn discusses the NES mini.

Year of hedgehog

SourceCast #18 — The Year of the Hedgehog – Tracker_TD joins as a special guest as we reflect on Sonic.

NX Rumor Discussion – epicmartin, Spazzy_D and PushDustIn discusses the latest NX Rumors.

Translations (2):

Games that aren't possible in this world

Games That Aren’t Possible In This World – Sakurai discusses Katamari Damacy. Translation by SutaMen.


Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Battle!! – Sakurai discusses Sonic joining Brawl. Translation by PushDustIn.

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