WIPEOUT 2048 Review – Classic Game Room


YouTuber Mark from Classic Game Room reviews the game WIPEOUT 2048 for the Playstation Vita handheld! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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2016-04-11 (2)



Gaming is a passion that I’ve had ever since I was little. Smash is just a natural stem of that passion that has constantly evolved ever since I got older.
It’s one of my favorite pass times and interacting with people who have the same interest is really cool. I also hope to extend it into Source Gaming and do something to help make the community better.
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  1. I remember playing the first one on the PS1 a long time ago, I had no idea the series continued. A shame that there might not be anymore after this one, since I don’t have any intention of buying a Vita.

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