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Is it Tuesday already? This week went by incredibly fast. Now, we are one week closer to E3!

This article looks at comments spanning May 23rd, to May 30th (Japan time). My apologies to Isaac: Venus Adept and Spiral for mixing up their names in the previous featured comments. Formatting the featured comments is quite annoying, and sometimes I make mistakes.  Lots of comments on last week’s Featured Comments! Thanks!


Just posting this here for further incentive!

Brobot 12

I do think you are right. Fire Emblem is one of the first Nintendo IPs to get a mobile game, and Nintendo is pushing the franchise a lot more these days. It’s as important as Animal Crossing. I’d even say it’s more important than WarioWare and the Wario Land series (unfortunately).



I largely agree with the points you made in this post. I’ve pointed out the fact that Mewtwo was never advertised as a Melee veteran in anything. Heck, even when they introduced Lucas in the April Fools Direct, they didn’t mention the fact that Mewtwo was a returning character. For Lucas and Roy, Sakurai also up played their veteran status in his Famitsu Column. With Mewtwo, it’s always been ‘for the players‘. I remember I got a lot of hate for saying that Wolf wouldn’t be coming back. NeoGaf even had a mini thread on my tweets about it. Anyway…back to your comment. I think K. Rool is a character that will come eventually. The outcry for the character is too high among hardcore Smashers in both Japan and the West. DLC might not have made sense since the character hasn’t appeared in a new title…in awhile. We actually have an article about what characters the SG Team thinks will appear in the next Smash, so keep an eye out for that.

Ar and Peridot Gem

…The original source for this is actually a response Sakurai gives on the Melee website. Before Melee’s release (and after) Sakurai actually answered questions/ statements from fans. There’s hundreds and hundreds of pages that are still untranslated. I skimmed through most of these when compiling the original Definitive Unused Fighter List. I feel like I need to go back and read through them again as I understand a lot more about the game. It’s a pain to search through every single page manually…so I actually manually copied all the pages into several Word Documents so I could search for quotes.

Marth and Roy’s oversea’s trouble is briefly mentioned on Marth’s page.

…It’s mentioned somewhere else on the site, but alas my archives have failed me (I was typing this as I was searching for it…d’oh!). When I find the quote, I’ll post it.


Hey, someone has to present it! It’s straight from the source!

I’ve heard some weird comments/ compliments in my time in Japan. I once got complimented on my laundry hanging skills. The tragic part was that it wasn’t even me, it was my girlfriend. I’ve also had multiple people tell me not to tan because they like my forehead/ cheek skin.


Yeah, they really need to sell Zelda, as that’s the main game people have been waiting for. I think it’s to also have complete control over their announcement of the NX. If the NX is really a third pillar and not a replacement of Wii U, they need to ensure they explain it in a way that everyone can understand.


Anyway, that’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments below if we missed an excellent comment!


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