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YouTuber Game Sack takes a look  games that were made specifically to back off the popularity of other successful titles! Make sure to check out their video down below, as well as their Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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Gaming is a passion that I’ve had ever since I was little. Smash is just a natural stem of that passion that has constantly evolved ever since I got older.
It’s one of my favorite pass times and interacting with people who have the same interest is really cool. I also hope to extend it into Source Gaming and do something to help make the community better.
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  1. It was an interesting video, though I’m disappointed the Super Smash Bros copycats part was so focused on just one game. I mean, Playstation All Stars wasn’t the only Smash clone, there was also a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one and a Cartoon Network one which were arguably even more similar.

    Also, surprised there weren’t any parts about Mario ripoffs or Mario Kart/Party ones. Quite a few of those existed/are still being made, and some really close copycats got removed from the shelves or app store after being threatened with legal action (or outright sued).

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