When Did Games Stop Being Fun? – BriHard


YouTuber BriHard takes a look at the things that have changed in relation to the fun residing in Video games! So make sure to check out the video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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Gaming is a passion that I’ve had ever since I was little. Smash is just a natural stem of that passion that has constantly evolved ever since I got older.
It’s one of my favorite pass times and interacting with people who have the same interest is really cool. I also hope to extend it into Source Gaming and do something to help make the community better.
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  1. Like BriHard said, each game everyone plays is very subjective towards fun, and the noticeable trend in games that make the most noise in this generation seem to have those shortcomings from annual releases. To me, the fun value could also involve time invested in games. Sometimes I like to make a challenge of my own if I replay some of my modern games. But not many could have enough time in the world to play everything. Time (and money) should be important especially as you age.

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