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Hey guys, I [PushDustIn] am back! I really enjoyed my vacation, and feel ready to tackle the next set of projects for Source Gaming!

The site almost has 4,000 comments total. It’s kind of insane to think how much Source Gaming has grown. I still remember when I got my first comment…I was so stoked. Even though there has been (almost) 3,999 more that feeling hasn’t diminished at all! I really appreciate everyone that comments on our stuff. So cheers 🙂

This article looks at comments spanning May 11th, to May 16th (Japan time).

I feel like you highlighted something important here. We don’t know how a new director would act. They could easily be more bias than Sakurai, or cater to the casual crowd even more. Sakurai is in an impossible position as the creator of Smash. Since Smash draws such a wide range of fans, no one is ever going to be 100% satisfied.  Fans of a wide variety of series like Final Fantasy and Wii Fit could be easily drawn to Smash just because that character is in the game.  Everyone is going to want something else in the game.



Javadoze Bowl (@Javadoze)

A Tetris stage would have been so fitting for the GameBoy though. Licensing might have been difficult.
Yeah, the box art detail was an interesting tidbit. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sakurai had some sort of say in the box art though.


Soma actually made a post comparing DLC across fighting games. A lot of them have options for buying single characters. Capcom vs. Marvel 3 is the perhaps the best example of a “worst” DLC for a fighting game, as the content has been removed from PSN/Xbox Live due to Marvel Licensing issues. So there’s an example of a fighting game…that is played competitively that had DLC. Companies will want to make money, that’s their top priority.


This is the sad truth. People will never be happy with Sakurai, and will refuse to accept any rationale answers. I remember when I debuted Is Sakurai a Liar?, and half the comments I got were people saying ‘Well…Sakurai is still a liar. And a troll.’ Most people didn’t seem to bother to entertain the notion that they have misconceptions about what was actually said. It’s a lot easier to tell people wrong information than it is to tell them that the information they know is wrong. I have a lot of experience with this ;_;.


Great comment, and very well thought out. I can see this being the case.


That’s a good point. I feel like the 3DS version should have saved the mode selection as it already saves what alt you would like to use.


Anyway, that’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments below if we missed an excellent comment!


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  1. It is definitely seeing my comment up there-
    Also congrats on the (nearly) 4k comments!

  2. I kinda agree that Marvel VS Capcom 3 had the worst DLC, even these DLC are easy to obtain without paying by simply hacking the game for free. Two characters aren’t even enough, and even the costumes may be surprising with full of references wouldn’t be something that’ll impress fans because there’s no difference that you’re still playing a same character.

    But I guess there might had been some difficulties dealing with Capcom with DLCs. Not to mention Spider Man in this game was already been killed by that spider-eating vampire jerks in one of those Spider Man crossover comics. Damn those freakin’ web sipping butt cheaters…

  3. I agree that the 3DS version should have saved mode selection. Since the 3DS works better for 1-on-1 battles, whereas it’s much easier to set up a multiplayer battle in the Wii U version, the stock format makes more sense than the time format does, and I find myself switching to it very often on the 3DS. Well, I can at least appreciate that it saves what it does save.

    Also, if you count the time I was featured twice in #8, this is the tenth time I was featured, and I still remember this quote: “No Spiral you don’t get a prize :P. Try for 10!”

    So… what do I win? 😀 (Just kidding! I’m pretty sure other users reached 10 before I did anyway)

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