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Welcome to the 13th episode of SourceCast. In today’s episode Nantendo is joined by Article Team Leader Spazzy_D, Featured Content Contributor EpicMartin and special guest, content creator for HMSdaily and youtuber, Evie B. In light of the recent news that Nintendo would not be showing off the NX at this years E3, we now all have to wait even longer to find out any information on the successor to the Wii U. In order to tide you all over we have decided to go over every patent that has released in the last 12 months by Nintendo in order to try and figure out what this elusive machine might be like. We split this discussion into three parts: the system itself, the NX’s controller and any extra features this controller might have. It was a fun and interesting podcast to record so I hope you all enjoy it. 

Evie B has made various concept videos regarding the Nintendo NX based on these patents and so he was the perfect guest to bring on and discuss these matters. His input was incredibly informative and should hopefully clear up any lingering questions these patents, as well as recent rumours, may have left you with. A link to his youtube channel can be found here and you can follow him on twitter @misterEvieB. I urge you to give his videos a watch and subscribe to stay up-to date with various concept videos and news on Nintendo’s patents.

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Links to the patents:

The console will not have a disc-drive.

Supplemental Computing Device.

The controller will have scroll wheels.

The controller will have a free-form screen.

Exercise controller/system with load/gyro/acc/temp sensor.

Handheld/controller with outward-facing linear image sensors.

Handheld with infrared camera and distance tracking.

FR Video Chat Patent.


Time Stamps:

Introduction: 00:00:00

The Console Patents: 00:01:08

The Controller Patents – 00:34:22

The remaining Patents: 01:20:05

Outro: 01:52:14


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Spazzy_D epicmartin

Special Guest:

Evie B

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  1. The Nintendo VS could be cool, but I’d specifically opt for it to entail a virtual retinal display, thus removing the need for screens entirely. Then it could be called the Nintendo ZS (zero screens.)

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