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Another week of comments!

This will be the last featured comments from me for this month. The following features will be done by other Source Gaming members.
This post contains comments from April 11th – April 17th!


Soma enjoys Smash (Mostly Melee) for the gameplay first and foremost. But yeah — it shows that you can be drawn to Smash without necessarily being a Nintendo fan (Though if I remember correctly, Soma is a fan of the older Fire Emblem titles).


Yeah, not too surprising! It’s a little funny to see how welcomed Cloud has been considering that Black Mage was the fan favorite. Cloud was ranked 155th in that poll.


I completely agree with you. I feel that Mario is like a Saturday morning cartoon — it just resets every time. Even looking at Mario Galaxy 1 and Mario Galaxy 2, canon obviously doesn’t take precedent in the Mario series.


It’s okay if you don’t have money to donate! Just help us get the word out and share our articles! 🙂

Already replied inline:

Videos are easier to feature on other sites than articles. With articles, people need time to read it and write their own summary of it. If it’s a video usually it can be watched and embedded with not that much effort. People in general don’t really want to read. I still think sourcing/ article format is super important, so when I make videos I’ll at least have a write up available (and have it mentioned in the video). The next project has been decided already/ is underway.

Is Sakurai a Liar? Article actually got a ton of features on non Nintendo sites or at least sites not really known for their Nintendo / Smash coverage. It was weird.


Hey zoniken! I hope you are doing well, my friend! I like all your ideas too. Hope you are doing well!

Javadoze Bowl (@Javadoze)

Yeah, I was super interested in the two stage pieces that we published this week. It’s interesting to see what kind of concepts Sakurai had when designing/picking them!


Anyway, that’s it for this week. Keep leaving those comments!

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