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Already responded within the article:

The next SourceCast (after the Pokemon focused one with NintenDaan) will be a debate centered around censorship vs. localization featuring people to represent both sides. Since this is ongoing discussion (Sakurai’s column “Don’t Need This, Don’t Need That” is even trending now) we figured it was still relevant enough to feature. (Note the podcast has been recorded!)

I’m sorry if we burnt you out of the discussion…it’s a very important issue for Source Gaming as one of the main things we do is translate things ourselves and look at the original meaning in various games.

We have a lot of other things planned, don’t worry 🙂 March’s schedule is essentially filled up now and we are working on several projects.



With the exception of Mewtwo…possibly Lucas and Roy I think the characters were picked as time went on. Lucas and Roy were picked for their ease of development, Mewtwo was picked for being the standout fan favorite. I do think Roy and Lucas weren’t worked on until the game went gold though. I believe that they were just planned DLC content. I think Ryu, Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta were picked after DLC officially started.


I really don’t think you should view the characters as outright company reps. We all thought Fire Emblem wasn’t going to get any more representation, but they did. This is because interesting characters, regardless of their origins are prioritized over filling imaginary boxes.


It’s partly that, but it’s also because fans jump on Sakurai everytime he opens his mouth. He discussed the need to be quiet, and his approach to Twitter in a Famitsu Column.



Already commented but for everyone else:
As long as it’s not too excessive and relevant to the article, we can help you with a “SG-approved” translation.



attaboy! Really honored, thank you!


Already responded:
Sorry, I didn’t mean that I regretted Is Sakurai a Liar? As an article itself, I just regret titling it like that! I think it’s a super important article and was bummed at the lackluster response to it within the Smash community. It’s as important as The Definitive Unused Fighter List IMO.

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  1. Yeah, I could agree on that part too. The reason I said that is third parties may be treated more differently than the Nintendo reps. They’re special guests that may join Smash only once or more, and depending on their copyrights. It’s also true that we don’t know the limitations of how many characters they’ll bring for their company reps. But as I said back then, having Phoenix Wright in the game is an interesting choice since his movesets may look perfect for Smash. He can also be known as Mr. Court Battle Game while Ryu is Mr. Fighting Game and Cloud is Mr. J-RPG.

  2. This is probably boiling down to personal preference, but I love the articles on localization here since they’ve really opened my eyes to how much misinformation surrounds the act, as well as how it often gets confused with censorship. As long as we enjoy media from foreign developers, it’s something we’ll have to learn about. Though now, I’ve got a completely random thought popping up in my head; we often hear about how Japanese games are localized when brought over here, but how are western games handled in Japan? I honestly have no clue, do they have the same issues surrounding localization over there as we do here?

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