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I’m a little late due to getting sick this week, as well as being overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I needed to get done. Needless to say, I didn’t forget about you guys and I’m here to respond to your great comments! (From January 23rd to January 30th, Japan time).



Yeah, I really enjoyed these interviews because they showed the relations between the developers. I hope Sakurai interviews Kamiya. BTW, if I’m not mistaken, Sakurai and Kojima had an interview together back in the day. I should look that up.


This comment partly inspired me to update the look of the site. Hope the comment section works better 🙂


I think part of the reason he’s changed is because of the amount of fans, and how…vocal they are.  This translation is pretty telling in how he views interaction with fans.



Source Gaming does allow it’s articles to be translated into other languages. Please include a link to the original article so users may check your translation (and also, include the sources we used, whenever appropriate). We do post French translations on the site from time to time, and if you want to be a regular translator please don’t hesitate to contact us (Twitter is probably the best).


Yeah, I completely agree with you. For those of you who missed it, I wrote an epic on Wario’s possible inspiration in Smash. I’ll probably turn it into a video at some point.


Oh! I didnt realize there was a subtitled version of this video. I included the Japanese version in my Wario article, and I thought I would have to eventually translate this. Looks like I can cross that off. Check it out!


I think it’s still okay for people to want Ridley. My suggestion to the Ridley fans is to petition Retro and Nintendo to make a form of Ridley that can actually appear in Smash one day. Without a different design, he might never be a playable character.


I wonder what the next Paper Mario game will be like. It really depends on if the game is released on a portable or not. Portable games should be designed to be quicker/ played in spurts, so I’m not sure if Paper Mario could fit on a portable system. I really enjoyed the badge system in Paper Mario 64, it was a guilty pleasure of mine.


I think the Inkling costume was decided way before Corrin was, and might have been the reason why they weren’t included (plus timing wise, they could release Corrin right before Fates in the US). I’m not personally 100% sold on the idea that technical limitations held back the Inklings, as I think their design will be very different than what everyone generally imagines them to have since they will need to work in a fighting game. Maybe Corrin was also picked so a new stage wouldn’t have to be developed? Who knows.


I personally think it’ll just be a simple port. I’ve been working on Case for Smash NX (I was even in the middle of writing it when the rumor came out) for about three weeks now, and I actually included the possibility of a simple port (if the game was coming out sooner than later). I’ll try to finish the article soon, but I wanted to get some more information about the situation first. Personally, I trust the source as it seems like the information Dr. Toto would be able to reasonably get, and he is reputable. I kind of dread the news because I was kind of hoping for a small Smash vacation as speculation has gone on for a long time.

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  1. Thanks for including my comment in the featured section, SG. Really enjoy the work you guys put into these articles!

  2. Sakurai judged Ridley’s exclusion due to his modern description, so if Nintendo and Retro could find a way to change that to make him become playable in the future Smash, then his inclusion may be possible as I could accept him as well. But at this moment, it’s really hard to tell.

    But anyways, thank you choosing my comment!

  3. I’ve been featured twice now, and I’m sincerely honored if that’s a word I can use without sounding corny. If anything, it only makes me want to put more effort into what I write and try to be as accurate as possible. A port of Smash 4 to the NX does seem a lot more feasible and believable than an entire new game, and it would be a good option for people who have yet to buy Smash 4 and wanted to get an updated/complete version. For people like me who’ve already bought both the 3DS version and the Wii U version along with a lot of (or in some cases, all) the DLC, we might have to pass on buying the same game over again. I’m gonna have to stay on close watch for any news about this rumor.

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