‘Super Mario Maker’ Stage Revealed for September 30th Update



A surprising sudden announcement came from Nintendo’s YouTube channel today. The Mario Maker level is coming September 30th, 2015. The stage will be available for both the Wii U and the 3DS!

The pricing has been announced on the official website. 2.49 per version, or 3.49 for both.

screenshot-www.smashbros.com 2015-09-15 11-12-27

The following is pure speculation:

screenshot-twitter.com 2015-09-15 10-33-58

Based on the layout, it does seem that another stage will be added. Could the September 30th update include much more than just the Super Mario Maker stage? Stay tuned for more news and speculation.

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  1. My guess? An all text adventure stage based on games from the Famicom Disk System. Sakurai’s gunning for Saints Row IV’s genre-mixing crown now!

    No really, though, regardless of whether this is coming with more stuff, Mario Maker has been an absolute joy and I’ve kind of secretly wanted this stage since E3. Super pumped for it, and while we’ll likely not get that much Maker themed music, I’m really hoping this can incorporate the game’s incredible use of audio.

    1. I think I would die of the sheer awesomeness if we had a FDS text adventure stage announced along with this.

      I’m really hoping we get that rad Mario Paint remix that was supposed to be in… Brawl, I think? Considering Mario Maker has so many references to MP, I think it would be fitting.

  2. Exciting stuff.
    Out of interest, is there any region where The names Charizard and Dedede are concurrent? AFAIK Dedede without King is limited to Japan, yet that would imply Lizardon instead of Charizard?

  3. I cautiously suspect a bigger announcement on Sept. 30th about a new fighter coming as DLC with a corresponding stage (nicely taking up that spot next to Super Mario Maker). Initially I thought that perhaps it would be Shovel Knight, but I feel like the details on Yatcht Club’s amiibo have taken the wind out of that theory’s sails. I don’t think Shovel Knight will be coming to Smash Bros., or at least not this installment. I’m kind of relieved by that to be honest. I think either a more aged IP or one simply to come from Nintendo would be better as DLC.

    Maybe Inkling? With a Turf War or Inkopolis stage? Please??

  4. I think deep down, a lot of us had a feeling this was coming, but it’s welcome news nonetheless. And this likely will mean more content… I don’t recall Nintendo releasing just singular items as paid DLC.

    If they don’t release a Mario Mii Fighter outfit like in the lower-right of this image (http://www.sourcegaming.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Scan-Translation-1.png), I’ll weep at the perfectly miss opportunity (that and the fact my Waluigi Mii Fighter still doesn’t have an appropriate outfit.)

    Excuse me while I stalk the Smash JP Twitter for the next 15 days now… >_>

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