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Smash Ballot

EDIT: Part 5 has been added. This adds some characters that users said were missing from the previous polls.

Greetings! BluePikmin11 here, making another appearance on Source Gaming. I have created another, more organized version of the individual ballot poll, previously posted in Smashboards. (See below for current polls)

Despite the number of characters, the poll was designed to be finished rather quickly. The first page shows pictures of the characters. The second page then has those characters (in a random order) with just the names. Select the bubble on how much you want the character, with 5 being the highest and 1 is the lowest. If you are truly indifferent about that character then please select “3” as that is the middle. There are multiple sets of pages within each poll.

With the 1-5 scale, we hope to calculate how “wanted” the characters are.  When the results are finished, we will take an average of all the responses and rank the characters from most “wanted” to least “wanted”. There are a lot of characters on the poll — some you may be unfamiliar with! I hope that this poll will raise awareness of some lesser known Nintendo characters, and perhaps introduce you to a new favorite! 

screenshot-docs.google.com 2015-09-10 22-34-27
A sample of the poll.


You are free to vote at anytime before October 3rd ends. This poll require a login to vote as it is needed to prevent multi-voting. This is SG’s biggest poll, and we need your vote to get the best in-depth results! Please share this poll on Twitter, Facebook, reddit, Tumblr, with your grandma, etc. The more poll votes, the more likely this poll will actually represent the community’s feelings towards each of those characters.


  1. Use your TAB and arrow keys to navigate through the poll quickly!
  2.  You don’t do all of the polls/questions at once. Take your time to do each one. You can answer the polls in any order and anytime you wish before October 3rd. 
  3. Share the polls! Spreading the polls will help make the results more useful.
  4. If you really don’t care either way about a character, leave it as a “3”.

NOTE: We have “pre-filled” out the poll with all 3s. Please change the votes up or down. This was done to make filling out the polls as easy as possible.

Part 1 Playable Represented Franchise
These are characters that have a franchise in the game already.

Part 2 Other Nintendo Series
These are characters from either “retro” series, or unrepresented series from Nintendo’s history.

Part 3 “Deconfirmed” Characters and Veterans
These are characters that already have an in-game role, or used to be a fighter.

Part 4 3rd Parties
These are the notable 3rd party characters.

Ultimate Smash Ballot Poll:

screenshot-docs.google.com 2015-09-10 22-37-10
This poll is only one question. But choose wisely!

Source Gaming is also running an “Ultimate Smash Ballot Poll”. In this poll, each person has one choice, and one vote. It’s suppose to actually mimic the Smash Ballot (as the rules state only one vote per person). Please do not be confused, the individual character polls and the Ultimate Smash Ballot Poll are two different sets of polls. We will be using both sets of data to make conclusions in the future. Be sure to fill both out!

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  1. Well, I voted every character.
    I understood it’s a “ballot” for Smash generally and no for the DLC, is it correct?
    I’m surprised by the amount of votes. Also, I thought an Advace Wars rep and Ray MK would have more acceptance. Maybe the people who have voted thinks this ballot it’s only for DLC.

    Sorry for my bad english TwT

  2. Just voted on everything for the radio button poll… I just have one complaint:

    …no Fantasy Life love in the Level 5 section? For shame. 🙁

    Despite not being on a Nintendo system, Arisen from Dragon’s Dogma would’ve been my top choice in the Capcom section, but as a Nintendo / Capcom nerd, the choices in there were pretty good.

    I was a bit surprised at how obscure some of the choices were, and others just left me scratching my head, thinking “someone actually wants this character?”

    Still, I’m looking forward to seeing the results from this. Hopefully we can get a good population sample.

          1. Ah, well, I was just curious because it’s one of those games where there aren’t many clear-cut choices. I mean, there are twelve Lives each with different Masters and various NPC allies associated with each one, plus other story characters.

            Though, if I were to choose, it’d probably be between a generic player character who has moves incorporated from each Life, Roslyn the Paladin (since Paladin is pretty much the basic Life and she’s kind of the poster-character for it, even being featured prominently on promotional material), or Yuelia for her importance to the story.

    1. Zero from Megaman X was meant to be a Capcom rep as well… but this was a pretty exhaustive poll, so some characters were bound to slip through the cracks.

      1. Funny thing is, that I originally forgot to add him in the first version of the poll, missing it the second time is embarrassing. 😛

        1. Zero is a huge fan favorite… it would’ve been interesting to see how many would want him in Smash (after classic Mega Man, he’s probably the next most prominent one.)

          Also, was Mega Man Volnutt (from Legends) included in the poll? I don’t recall seeing him either…

    1. Probably: “Ugh, we don’t need another FE rep! Give us K. Rool, Krystal, or Bandana Dee!” 😛 A lot of Western fans don’t realize that FE is actually quite a long-running series, and with the exceptions of Mystery of the Emblem, the remakes of Shadow Dragon and MotE, Thracia 776, and Radiant Dawn, each game has pretty much an entirely new cast of characters.

      Heck, we didn’t get a Fire Emblem game localized until the seventh installment, so that’s basically half the series.

  3. Wow, that was a lot. I was surprised by the number of Nintendo characters that I never heard of. Great research! I think that were more indie characters that some people wanted, but I can’t remember.

  4. >Mokka, Magical Starsign

    I love you for adding so many obscure characters, especially this one.

    I really wish Smash would pull an Ice Climbers or Marth or G&W more often and re-visit some of it’s obscure and lesser known titles.

      1. A poll of this magnitude is bound to have some errors… it pretty much is trying to cover the most prominent video game characters past and present. The data is still valuable, even if it is flawed.

        Besides, characters being in incorrect categories is really a minor thing as opposed to outright omitting important ones. Breaking up the polls is mostly just for the ease of the voter, in case s/he doesn’t have the time or patience to make the dozens of choices in one sitting.

      2. It won’t as the actual categories that the characters are in are somewhat arbitrary. The final results will be character specific and the data will be categorized and extrapolated by us in a way that everyone will hopefully find interesting. Please let us know of any errors, though, as it will be helpful if we are comparing characters via category with the final data.

  5. Isaac from Golden Sun is a given for me. The only series to never get anything other than an assist trophy from Brawl to get taken away for SSB4 and getting two songs. (One being a returning one from Brawl and one added from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.) It is a shame that he never got in Melee or Brawl as a playable character.

    1. Thanks for the additions! I wasn’t aware a lot of those characters were actually requested, but I was happy to see some of the characters I forgot about too (like Wolf Link / Minda.)

      Let’s hope we don’t need a Part 6.

      (Also, waiting to see how many 1’s Steve gets. XD)

  6. Good poll. I was surprised that there were actually some first-party characters I hadn’t heard of. I never knew the Satellaveiw had mascots.

    I don’t know if you’re planning a part 6 or not, but A few characters I noticed missing that I would have liked to vote for that you might consider are:
    Virtual Boy
    Groudon (Pokémon)
    Deathborn (F-Zero)
    Ravio (Zelda)
    Also, back in the days before Brawl was announced, I remember seeing Rick from the Kirby series, and the Exclamation Warriors tossed around as possible contenders.

  7. I just voted on everything. Only have 1 remark: Lloyd and Cress are here, but not Yuri (playable in Project X Zone 1&2; VERY popular/huge fanbase especially in Japan) nor Luke (from Abyss, latest Tales game released on a Nintendo system) though?

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