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Smash 4 3DS Challenge Requirements Translation [INCOMPLETE]

Please see this post for an updated list.

I originally posted this on SmashBoards, but I figured I would add the information to my blog too. Unknown rewards are left blank at this time.

Starting with the top left corner.


A1: Get over 30 figures [Toad Trophy]
A2: Finish first in Smash Run Battle [Smash run item]
A3. Clear All Star on Very Easy [Epona Trophy]
A4. Make a Mii Fighter [Hat]
A5. Play on Rainbow Road 3 times. [Peach Kart Trophy]
A6. Use Kirby’s Final Smash in Vs [Kirby’s Gameboy Stage]
A7. Get over 300 M in Homerun [Trophy]

B1: Get a 10 hit combo in training [Wii Trainer custom move; Big Ball]
B2: Unlock Ness [Stage, Magificant]
B3: Get 5 or more custom hats [Smash item]
B4: Play Smash Bomb for the first time [Xerneas in Pokeball]
B5: Play Rival Smash for the first time [Super Mushroom Mii Hat]
B6: Play StreetPass Brawl for the first time [Lightning Falcon Kick custom move.] NOTE: You don’t need a streetpass to get this. Just open the mode.
B7: Use the Villager Island stage more than 2 times [Villager custom move; with his side B]

C1: Get 10 or more items to use in Smash Run [Smash item]
C2: Play Figure Rush for the first time [Tom Nook’s nephews trophy]
C3: Use Pacman’s final smash in Vs[Pac Man Maze Stage]
C4: Play the HomeRun Contest for the first time [Bat trophy]
C5: Play Bomb Reset Forest 3 times, [Trophy]
C6: Place first with C. Falcon 3 or more times in Vs[Mute City stage]
C7: Unlock Black Pit [Black Pit’s staff]

D1: Clear Single Player on 3.0 [Master Hand music]
D2: Unlock Wario [Warioware Stage]
D3: Play 100 Man Melee for the first time [Victini in Pokeball]
D4: Use Villager 3 or more times in Vs[Balloon Flight Stage]
D5: Play Endless Melee for the first time [Genesect in Pokeball]
D6: Clear 10 Man Melee [Zoroark in Pokeball]
D7: Defeat 20 enemies or more in 3 minute Melee [Karate Guy from RH trophy]

E1: Clear 300 or more blocks in Figure Rush [Link’s Custom Move]
E2: Win with Luigi 3 times or more in Vs [Luigi Mii hat]
E3: Win with Ness 2 times or more inVs[Mr. Saturn trophy]
E4: Play Cruel Melee for the first time [Mii Hat, Spiny]
E5: Get 3 or more custom parts for the body [Smash item]
E6: Win with Zelda two times or more in Vs [Zelda Mii hat]
E7: In Smash Bomb get 100,000 or more points [Explosive Trophy]


A1: Get 1st place in Smash Run with 5 fighters [Smash Item]
A2: Get a 40 combo in training [Smash Item]
A3: Unlock all the fighters [Menu 2 Melee music]
A4: Make 3 custom fighters [Smash item]
A5: Clear 1,000 blocks in Trophy Rush [ ]
A6: Play 100 matches [Smash item]
A7: Get 150 trophies [ ]

B1:Get over 2,000,000 total with all the characters in Smash Bomb [Bomb King trophy from SM64]
B2: Play Streetpass Brawl 5 times [ ]
B3: Get over 10 KOs in Rival Melee [Smash Run Item]
B4: Play the Living Room stage 3 times [Golden Lab trophy]
B5: Play Streetpass Brawl 10 times [ ]
B6: Get 25 items or more in Smash Run [Smash Item]
B7: Clear 100 man melee [Smash Run item]

C1:Get 99% or more in the Staff roll minigame [Staff Roll music]
C2: Clean Single Player with 5 fighters [ ]
C3: Play Find Mii Stage 3 times [Dark Emperor trophy]
C4: Use Meta Knight 5 times or more [Meta Knight Speed Drill custom move]
C5: Unlock Mr. Game and Watch [Flat Land 2]
C6: Defeat Master Core [Master Core music]
C7: Get 20 counters in Streetpass Brawl [Smash Item]

D1: Get over 600m in Homerun Contest [Smash Item]
D2: Defeat over 30 in Endless Melee [F-Zero trophy]
D3: Play Smash Run 5 times [Smash Item]
D4: Unlock all the stages [Island trophy]
D5: Play for a total of 10 hours in multiplayer each person counts, it’s like Mewtwo for Melee. [ ]
D6: Win with Samus 10 times in Vs. [Samus Mii Hat ]
D7: Unlock 15 custom moves [Smash Run item]

E1:Get 5 or more body parts [ ]
E2: Get 300 K.Os [ ]
E3: Use 15 or more players in Home Run contest [Smash Item]
E4: Make 8 Mii characters [Mii hat、Gentleman]
E5: Get 10 or more hats [Mii dress, Royal Armor]
E6: Clear All Star on Normal [ ]
E7: Play for 8 hours [Meloetta in Pokeball ]


A3: Get in first 20 times in Smash Run [ ]
A4: Customize 10 characters [Smash item]
A5: Get 50 score in Rival Smash [Smash item]
A6: Defeat 110 enemies in 3 minute melee [Smash Item]
A7: Collect all the custom moves, hats and costumes [ ]

B1: Clear 3,000 blocks in Trophy Rush [ ]
B2: Clear Single Player with all fighters [ ]
B4: Walk over 50 KM with all your fighters [ ]
B5: Clear 10 man Melee in 20 seconds or less [Smash Item]
B6: Get over 400 hits with all your fighters in training [Smash Item]
B7: Clear All Star with all the fighters [ ]

C1: Clear all the red bombs in Smash Bomb [Steam Punk Mii Clothes]
C2: Get 15,000 meters or more with all the fighters combined in Home Run [Sandbag Trophy]
C3: Get 500 trophies or more
C4: Clear 10 Man Melee with All the Fighters [ ]
C5: Get 200,000 points or more in Smash Bomb [Mario Punch Custom Move]
C6: Clear 100 Man Melee with all the fighters [ ]

D1: Finish 1st with all the fighters in Smash Run [ ]
D4: Knock enemies into another enemy 20 times in Streetpass Smash
D5: Get 100 combo in training [Protector Mii suit]
D6: Play for 20 hours [ ]

E5: Collect all the items for Smash Run [ ]