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Welcome to the first part of our discussion-Video with Source Gaming. In these discussions, we talk about upcoming games or one of our articles, which weren’t big enough to fit in a Podcast. but we think is interesting to talk about. Today, PushDustIn, Nantendo and MaskedMan will discuss about the new features from the upcoming 3DS-title “Hyrule Warriors Legends”.

We hope you’re going to enjoy it!

It became longer than we have expected, so Part Two of our discussion will focus on the new information found in the new Famitsu. Special Thanks to Nantendo, who managed sound-editing again!

UPDATE: We finished editing Part Two of our Discussion On Hyrule Warriors Legends.

The Good and Bad of Hyrule Warriors (Review) – by PushDustIn

We heard your suggestions from our last Podcast and we took notes. We tried to deliver the best possible quality and we hope you’ll see the improvements we made. But like always, we would love to see suggestions and comments about our newest Video. We’re very grateful for your support!


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  1. Hey guys, great podcast… I learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know before.

    I’ve played a good portion of the Warriors games, and I thought I’d let you know that clone characters are really only common in Dynasty Warriors (which also has the largest roster of the various Warriors games.) Samurai Warriors and DW: Gundam tended not to have clones when I played them (unless something has changed since I did.)

    I wouldn’t expect too many clones in Hyrule Warriors: Legends. It could be possible, but it’s more plausible that some characters share weapon types (like Link and Toon Link.) Sharing weapon types was a common thing in DW3 and DW7, but not quite as much as other Warriors games.

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