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Smash 4 3DS/4 Wii U introduces equipment, custom moves and (only used in Smash run) items. There has already been a lot of talk about custom moves, and all have been revealed/ translated already. Thank you to all the users who have posted in depth analysis of custom move sets. Custom moves are tournament viable, but I’m not sure if equipment is, due to the extremely random nature of it. This is my feeling after playing playing Single Player modes for over 32 hours. Let me explain:
What is Equipment:
Each character can equip up to 3 pieces of equipment. Equipment that increases Attack (But lowers Defense), equipment that increases Defense (but lowers Speed) and finally equipment that increases Speed (but lowers Attack). In Smash Run, certain pieces of equipment can effect the amount of items you can hold. However, in regular Classic Mode/ Versus there is no drawback on equipping three powerful equipment.
Some equipment are character specific. For example, Olimar can equip Pikmin related equipment but Mario cannot. Bowser and Bowser Jr. can equip items that have spiky shells, etc.
There is also a tier of equipment. For example, there are “familiar boots” which are almost always less effective than “stylish boots”.
Each item can have their own effect. More research needs to be done if some are equipment tiered specific. Some of the effects include, auto-healing, increasing/decreasing speed and jump, holding an item (which doesn’t appear on Omega/Master Core Battles but appears in the Credits Roll), increasing Smash start up time, etc. Currently, I have 81 different effects. I believe there are still more.
Drop System:
Each time you collect a custom pieces, you have a chance to receive a piece of equipment, custom move, hat or costume. You collect these custom pieces through local multiplayer matches, and almost all the single player modes (The Multi-Man Melee being an exception). For Classic Mode, the amount you receive is dependent on the “slot” you pick at the start of each match. On higher difficulties, the amount received is increased. As of right now, I cannot see a difference between the quality of items received on the difficulties, but more testing is to be done (More on this below). In Smash Run, you can collect the custom pieces through chests and by random enemy drops. You can get up to 10 per “run” (Pun intended). Each run lasts about 6-7 minutes, so that means Smash Run is currently the most efficient way to collect drops, as long as RNG (Random Number Generator) is on your side. Typically in Trophy Rush you can get up to 3, depending on skill and again RNG.
As far as I can tell, the equipment stats are almost completely random. There are some noticeable difference in tiers, but within the tier it seems that the numbers are decided among drop. After 600+ pieces of equipment, I have yet to find a piece of equipment that has the same exact stats as the other.
Here’s a list of “Stylish boots” I have found: All + are towards speed, and the the – is towards Attack.The number after the equal sign is the difference between the two. Please note that items with effects, will sometimes have a negative impact on stats.
+26 -23 = + 3
+31 -16  = +15
+35 -17 = +18
+36 -21 = +15
+36 -24 =+12
+38 -19= +19
+39 -26 =+13
+40 -26=+14
+42 -21 =+21
+42 -25 =+17
+42 -27 =+15
+42 -28=+14
+44 -23 =+21
+45 -29=+16
+46 -28 =+18
+46 -29=+17
+47 -31=+16
+48 -26 =+22
+48 -27=+21
+50 -32=+18
+50 -33=+17
+51 -28=+23
+51 -35=+16
+52 -34=+18
+54 -29=+25
+54 -36=+18
+55 -30=+25
Here is some miscellaneous information about the equipment above:
Difference between +/- in ascending order:
Mean Difference: 17.2963
Median Difference: 17
Mode Difference : 18
The program probably has a set requirement for each type of equipment differences, and then decides to go X amount above or below.
No End for Equipment?
In the Challenge Window, there is no challenge for completing all the equipment. This makes me believe that there is no definite list of equipment to collect. It seems that I can continue to farm equipment until my eyes bleed and fall out.
Why They Might Not Be Tournament Viable:
Since you can continually collect equipment, and is totally dependent on RNG, players who farm equipment in Single Player may have an unfair advantage to those who don’t. Looking at the list of “Stylish boots”, some have the same increase but different decreases.

What do you guys think? Let me know if you want particular information about equipment/ have idea for experiments.

EDIT: I found a list of Equipment in the ROM Dump.


English description of equipment effects. 93 total if I’m not mistaken.
  1. Increased run speed
  2. Decreased run speed
  3. Increased lateral air movement
  4. Decreased lateral air movement
  5. Improved jump
  6. Weakened jump
  7. Skating traction
  8. Improved ground jumps
  9. Weakened ground jumps
  10. Improved double jump
  11. Weakened double jump
  12. Floaty jumps
  13. Heavy jumps
  14. Increased walk speed
  15. Decreased walk speed
  16. Increased edge-grab duration
  17. Decreased edge-grab duration
  18. Easier edge grabs
  19. Harder edge grabs
  20. Improved braking ability
  21. Easy perfect shield
  22. No perfect shield
  23. Improved shield regeneration
  24. Weakened shield regeneration
  25. Improved air defense
  26. Weakened air defense
  27. Improved dodge ability
  28. Weakened dodge ability
  29. Reduced landing impact
  30. Increased landing impact
  31. Quick smash attacks
  32. Hyper smash attacks
  33. Improved air attacks
  34. Weakened air attacks
  35. Improved meteor effect
  36. Improved attack in a crisis
  37. Improved defense in a crisis
  38. Improved speed in a crisis
  39. Powered up in a crisis
  40. Invincibility in a crisis
  41. Improved attack at 0 damage
  42. Improved speed at 0 damage
  43. Improved attack/speed at 0%
  44. Improved trade-off attack
  45. Improved trade-off defense
  46. Improved trade-off speed
  47. Improved trade-off ability
  48. Improved launch ability
  49. Damage-stealing capability
  50. No-flinch charged smashes
  51. Critical-hit capability
  52. Prone damage dealer
  53. First-strike advantage
  54. Countdown bonus
  55. Crash run
  56. Explosive perfect shield
  57. Health-restoring shield
  58. Improved escapability
  59. Mirror shield
  60. Stronger item throws
  61. Weakened item throws
  62. Battering item boost
  63. Throwing item boost
  64. Projectile item boost
  65. Quicker bat swing
  66. Star Rod equipped
  67. Lip’s Stick equipped
  68. Super Scope equipped
  69. Ray Gun equipped
  70. Fire Flower equipped
  71. Beam Sword equipped
  72. Home-Run Bat equipped
  73. Bob-omb equipped
  74. Mr. Saturn equipped
  75. Increased healing from food
  76. Decreased healing from food
  77. Heal while crouching
  78. Improved attack after eating
  79. Improved speed after eating
  80. Improved defense after eating
  81. Power up after eating
  82. KOs heal damage
  83. Invincibility after eating
  84. Auto-heal capability
  85. Smash Ball gravitation
  86. Respawn Final Smash
  87. Smash Ball retention
  88. Powered up Final Smash
  89. Healing Final Smash
  90. Chance of double Final Smash
  91. Chance of lucky Sudden Death
  92. Extended respawn invincibility
  93. No respawn invincibility
Additional Information:
  1. 1.3x running speed.
  2. 0.8x running speed.
  3. 1.25x lateral air movement speed.
  4. 0.8x lateral air movement speed.
  5. 1.2x jump height.
  6. 0.8x jump height.
  7. 1.5x movement speed on land, but watch that you don’t slip!
  8. 1.3x jump height from the ground.
  9. 0.7x jump height from the ground.
  10. 1.3x midair jump height.
  11. 0.7x midair jump height.
  12. 0.6x speed when falling.
  13. 1.4x speed when falling.
  14. 1.3x walking speed.
  15. 0.8x walking speed.
  16. Hang on to the edges of stages for twice as long.
  17. Hang on to the edges of stages for half as long.
  18. Increased range for grabbing stage edges.
  19. Decreased range for grabbing stage edges.
  20. Stop on a dime even when dashing.
  21. More easily nullify attacks when blocking at the last second.
  22. Only get a normal shield no matter how good your timing is.
  23. Recharge your shield more quickly.
  24. Recharge your shield more slowly.
  25. 0.75x damage received when in midair.
  26. 1.2x damage received when in midair.
  27. Gives a little extra time to dodge an enemy attack.
  28. Gives a bit less time to dodge an enemy attack.
  29. Start moving again more quickly after landing.
  30. After landing, take more time to start moving again.
  31. Charge smash attacks faster when holding the attack button.
  32. Charge smash attacks for longer to get 1.3x power.
  33. 1.15x attack power while airborne.
  34. 0.75x attack power while airborne.
  35. 1.5x power when using moves that launch opponents downward.
  36. 1.7x attack power for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
  37. Take 0.33x damage for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
  38. 1.55x speed for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
  39. Slowly increase attack, defense, and speed for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
  40. Gain 7 seconds of invincibility when your damage reaches 100%.
  41. 1.5x attack power while damage is at 0%.
  42. 1.32x speed while damage is at 0%.
  43. Attack and speed gradually increase while damage is at 0%.
  44. 1.15x attack power from the start of the match…as well as 30% damage.
  45. Start the match with 30% damage, but take only 0.8x damage from attacks.
  46. 1.3x speed from the start of the match…as well as 30% damage.
  47. Start with 60% damage but slowly gain attack, defense, and speed.
  48. 1.3x attack power when launching enemies upward.
  49. When directly striking an opponent, may recover health relative to damage inflicted.
  50. You cannot be launched by standard attacks when charging a smash attack.
  51. Attacks get a 20% chance of dealing extra damage.
  52. 1.4x damage when hitting a prone opponent.
  53. If you land the first strike of the battle, you will be invincible for 10 seconds.
  54. Greatly improved launch power for the last five seconds of a battle.
  55. Do damage to an opponent if you crash into them while dashing.
  56. Shield against an attack with perfect timing to create an explosion.
  57. Recover health when shielding relative to the power of received attacks.
  58. Escape more easily from being grabbed, stunned, etc.
  59. When shielding, reflect some damage back at your attackers.
  60. 1.5x attack power to thrown items.
  61. 0.7x attack power to thrown items.
  62. 1.5x attack power to battering items. Item-throwing range increased.
  63. 1.5x attack power and ammo for items that fire projectiles.
  64. Faster smash attacks when using the Home-Run Bat.
  65. Start battles with a Star Rod. Wave it to fire star-shaped projectiles.
  66. Start battles with a Lip’s Stick. Hit an opponent to plant a damaging flower.
  67. Start battles with a Super Scope. Attack with charge shots or rapid fire!
  68. Start battles with a Ray Gun. Blast your foes with lasers!
  69. Start battles with a Fire Flower. Roast your enemies!
  70. Start battles with a Beam Sword. The stronger the attack, the longer the reach.
  71. Start battles with a Home-Run Bat. Use smash attacks and aim for the stands!
  72. Start battles with a Bob-omb. Just don’t hold on to it for too long…
  73. Start matches with Mr. Saturn. He does huge damage to fighters’ shields.
  74. 1.5x damage healed when eating food.
  75. 0.7x damage healed when eating food.
  76. Slowly heal damage while crouching.
  77. 1.4x attack power for 15 seconds after eating food.
  78. 1.38x speed for 15 seconds after eating food.
  79. 0.5x damage received for 15 seconds after eating food.
  80. Attack, defense, and speed rise gradually for 15 seconds after eating food.
  81. Recover damage when you KO an enemy.
  82. Become invincible for 5 seconds after eating food.
  83. Heal damage gradually over time.
  84. Automatically draw Smash Balls to you.
  85. After a KO, return to battle ready to use your Final Smash.
  86. When glowing with your Final Smash, resist losing it when attacked.
  87. Attack, defense, and speed rise gradually while you have the Final Smash glow.
  88. Heal damage gradually while you have the Final Smash glow.
  89. After using a Final Smash, you have a 20% chance of being able to use it again.
  90. Get a 50% chance of going into Sudden Death with only 100% damage.
  91. Invincibility will last three times as long after being KO’d.
  92. Get no invincibility after being KO’d.
Item Icon Types:
  1. Remove
  2. Brawn Badge
  3. Gloves
  4. Banana
  5. Sword
  6. Arm Cannon
  7. Egg
  8. Lollipop
  9. Blaster
  10. X Attack
  11. Bat
  12. Toad
  13. Fake Nails
  14. Magic Stone
  15. Needles
  16. Hammer
  17. Torch
  18. Zapper
  19. Sacred Treasures
  20. Drill
  21. Beam Whip
  22. Pikmin
  23. Staff
  24. Protein
  25. Boxing Gloves
  26. Lloid
  27. Tome
  28. Protection Badge
  29. Overalls
  30. Tie
  31. Shield
  32. Suit
  33. Saddle
  34. Hat
  35. Jacket
  36. X Defense
  37. Cape
  38. Dress
  39. Shell
  40. Coat
  41. Raiment
  42. Watch Battery
  43. Mask
  44. Space Suit
  45. Block
  46. Ring
  47. Clothes
  48. Collar
  49. Helmet
  50. Agility Badge
  51. Shoes
  52. Boots
  53. X Speed
  54. Booster
  55. Pumps
  56. Shin Guards
  57. Sandals
  58. Dash Mushroom
  59. Rocketbarrel Pack
  60. Microchip
  61. Feather
  62. Turbo Boost
And finally, naming types types:
  1. Rare
  2. Super
  3. Max-Power
  4. High-Power
  5. Power
  6. Exquisite
  7. High-Quality
  8. Ordinary
  9. Legendary
  10. Silver
  11. Steel
  12. Prototype
  13. Deluxe
  14. Standard
  15. Extra-Large
  16. Large
  17. Medium
  18. Decadent
  19. Delicious
  20. Yummy
  21. Sixfold
  22. Threefold
  23. Legendary
  24. Top-Notch
  25. Decent
  26. Fearless
  27. Brave
  28. Dedicated
  29. Gold
  30. Bronze
  31. Mysterious
  32. Mystical
  33. Enchanted
  34. Iron
  35. 100-ton
  36. 1-ton
  37. 100 lb.
  38. Blazing
  39. Burning
  40. Smoldering
  41. Godly
  42. Angelic
  43. Heroic
  44. Hyper
  45. Light
  46. Holy
  47. Purifying
  48. Three-Star
  49. Two-Star
  50. One-Star
  51. Heavyweight
  52. Middleweight
  53. Lightweight
  54. Mega
  55. Good Ol’
  56. Mini
  57. Sage’s
  58. Expert’s
  59. Apprentice’s
  60. Vintage
  61. Trendy
  62. Designer
  63. Expensive
  64. Discount
  65. Hero’s
  66. Pretty Sweet
  67. Average Joe’s
  68. Master’s
  69. Veteran’s
  70. Rookie’s
  71. King’s
  72. Knight’s
  73. Squire’s
  74. Diamond
  75. Turtle
  76. Ultra-Performance
  77. High-Performance
  78. Vengeful
  79. Heroic
  80. Enigmatic
  81. Expensive
  82. Stylish
  83. Well-Worn
  84. Ultra-Lightweight
  85. Lightweight
  86. Speedy
  87. Swift
  88. Nimble
  89. Turbo
  90. Double
  91. Light-Speed
  92. Mach-Speed
  93. High-Speed
  94. Shimmering
  95. Shiny
  96. First-Class
  97. Deluxe
  98. Sprinter
  99. Stroller
  100. Glider
  101. Antiglide
  102. Leaper
  103. Antileap
  104. Speed Skater
  105. Hi-Jump
  106. Lo-Jump
  107. Double-Jump Boost
  108. Double-Jump Drag
  109. Thistle Jump
  110. Anchor Jump
  111. Speed Walker
  112. Meanderer
  113. Lingering Edge
  114. Hasty Edge
  115. Gluey Edge
  116. Tough Edge
  117. Hard Braker
  118. Perfect-Shield Helper
  119. Imperfect Shield
  120. Shield Regenerator
  121. Shield Degenerator
  122. Air Defender
  123. Air Piñata
  124. Nimble Dodger
  125. Dodgy Dodger
  126. Smooth Lander
  127. Crash Lander
  128. Quick Smasher
  129. Hyper Smasher
  130. Air Attacker
  131. Air Pushover
  132. Meteor Master
  133. Desperate Attacker
  134. Desperate Defender
  135. Desperate Speedster
  136. Desperate Specialist
  137. Desperate Immortal
  138. Unharmed Attacker
  139. Unharmed Speedster
  140. Unharmed Speed Demon
  141. Trade-off Attacker
  142. Trade-off Defender
  143. Trade-off Speedster
  144. All-around Trade-off
  145. Moon Launcher
  146. Vampire
  147. No-Flinch Smasher
  148. Critical Hitter
  149. Insult to Injury
  150. First Striker
  151. Countdown
  152. Speed Crasher
  153. Shield Exploder
  154. Shield Healer
  155. Shield Reflector
  156. Escape Artist
  157. Item Hurler
  158. Item Lobber
  159. Item Hitter
  160. Item Pitcher
  161. Item Shooter
  162. Quick Batter
  163. Star Rod
  164. Lip’s Stick
  165. Super Scope
  166. Ray Gun
  167. Fire Flower
  168. Beam Sword
  169. Home-Run Bat
  170. Bob-omb
  171. Mr. Saturn
  172. Food Lover
  173. Picky Eater
  174. Crouch Healer
  175. Caloric Attacker
  176. Caloric Speedster
  177. Caloric Defender
  178. Caloric Powerhouse
  179. KO Healer
  180. Caloric Immortal
  181. Auto-Healer
  182. Smash Ball Attractor
  183. Pity Final Smasher
  184. Smash Ball Clinger
  185. Super Final Smasher
  186. Final Smash Healer
  187. Double Final Smasher
  188. Sudden Death Gambler
  189. Safe Respawner
  190. Risky Respawner
There’s also no challenge complete text for equipment, so it’s confirmed that there is no limit to the amount of equipment you can have.
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