Super SourceCast: Wario’s Pocket Camp

Nirbion, PushDustIn and Ehm (for a little bit!) discuss Wario’s birthday, Animal Crossing on mobile and Miiverse ending.

Special thanks to AThunderousCat for helping us with the audio.

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Intro/outro is Toothsome Fancy by I’m Not My Body And Neither Are You by Spooky Cheddar.

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Founder at Source Gaming
PushDustIn is the founder and administrator of Source Gaming. Being obsessed with the history and development of games isn’t easy. Building a reputation on his research, translations, and article write ups, PushDustIn fully encapsulates the meaning of a 'data-miner'. PushDustIn has studied Japanese for over six years, and has lived in Japan for over four. The name PushDustIn comes from a garbage can in Osaka (Push Dust In). He lives with a very spoiled cat named Kuma.

Mains: Yoshi (64), Game and Watch (Melee), Wario (Brawl), Wario/Pac-Man (Smash for 3DS/Wii U)
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  1. I really hoped for a confirmation of some new Wario game this year, since its his 25th anniversary and all. sigh

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