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It’s the end of the second Game Club! This month, we invited everyone to play Pokémon 1st Generation (Red, Green, Blue or Yellow). We got a handful of submissions, and we are proud to feature them today! Pictures were added by me (PushDustIn)!  I wish I could’ve contributed myself, but this past month was simply too busy for me to revisit the game. I really wanted to do more streams and really promote Game Club more, but organizing the live stream and interviews with three of the Smash announcers just took precedent. I’m going to try to be more involved with the upcoming Game Month. You can help us choose the game by joining the Discord Server!



Thanks to everyone the participated in this month’s Game Club! We are still deciding what game to play for September. Let us know what you think in our Discord Server!

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  1. A trainer north of Cerulean had a Sandshrew, and it managed to wipe out half my team with consecutive critical hits… why does this game punish me with so many criticals…

    I have to agree with Nirbion and NintenDrone. If someone were interested in playing Gen 1 of Pokemon, I’d be inclined to direct them to Fire Red or Leaf Green. By today’s standards, the originals are pretty clunky and unclear in areas. But that doesn’t change my memories playing the games as a kid and loving every single second of them.

    And in response to Voyager, I also took a long listen to the Viridian Forest theme this time around, it was very foreboding. It gave me the feeling of “You’re lost, out of potions and antidotes, and your strongest Pokemon is poisoned”, even though I knew my way around it. The music in these games should never to be underestimated.

    1. I did recommend FR/LG over the originals though. I only recommended the VC version for those who really want the original (non-remake) experience.
      “Overall, the game is worth looking into if you want to see the origins of Pokémon, although I’d recommend the Game Boy Advance remakes, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, over the originals. . . . However, if you want to play the original games, I recommend the versions on the 3DS Virtual Console”

  2. After seeing everyone else’s reviews, I realize that I probably could’ve trimmed mine down a bit, but I wanted a full review of Gen I as a complete game rather than just my experiences with it. I doubt that any future Game Club write-up of mine will be quite as long as this one.

    Things that the other’s reviews reminded me of that I failed to mention in mine:

    While I said that the Pokémon and Trainers’ battle designs are nice to look at, I really only mean their front sprites. The player’s back sprite is fine, but most of the Pokémon’s back sprites are quite ugly and are unchanged from the original Japanese Red and Green, where pretty much every Pokémon was ugly as sin.

    I should’ve mentioned Gen I’s clunky UI besides the inventory. It’s slow and inconvenient to do simple tasks such as checking a Pokémon’s moves and stats, sorting items, and especially using the PC’s awful Pokémon and item storage systems. Pokémon storage in particular is a nightmare, as there can only be one open PC box at a time, and if it’s full, no more Pokémon can be caught unless the player manually changes the open box, which requires a save every time. There is no way to sort Pokémon within the box or swap stored a Pokémon with one in the party without manually depositing and then withdrawing. Also, for some reason the PC structure was downgraded from Japanese to international versions of Gen I, going from 8 boxes with 30 Pokémon each to 12 boxes with 20 Pokémon each, forcing the player to switch boxes (and save) more frequently.

    I forgot to call attention to how broken the Speed stat is in Gen I. I mentioned that it determines a Pokémon’s critical hit chance, but failed to mention that it’s actually the Pokémon’s base Speed and not its current Speed that does this. This makes it so that fast Pokémon such as my Jolteon score an insane amount of critical hits (about 25% of the time). This is furthered by a few moves having a 8x multiplier for critical chance Gen I, so any Pokémon with a base Speed of 64 or higher (read: nearly all fully evolved Pokémon) get a nearly guaranteed critical hit when using one of these moves.

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