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Still trying to catch up on comments! I plan on doing another featured comments this week, so we can get fully caught up. Sorry for the previous feature being shorter. I am feeling a lot better now!

This article looks at comments spanning July 21st, to June 27th (Japan time).

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Great post by zoniken. I don’t have anything to add, but it’s well worth the read.


Updated! Thanks for letting us know about the error. Sometimes these mistakes happen =/.


Yeah…Omni’s follow up video was pretty bad. It wasn’t that well thought out at all.

I was kind of surprised that even pewdiepie has been talking about clickbait recently. Hopefully with more people being aware about titling and clickbait, the more likely we can enact positive changes.


This is something that I can agree with. Having the female Link as THE sole Link would erase a lot of concerns about having a gender option (a blank slate character). I think from a lore point of view, Link has to be Hylian, in order to inherit the spirit of the hero. However, a bigger emphasis on the other races in other races could happen (a la Majora’s Mask, where Link transformed into a Deku, Zora and a Goron).


Yeah, it really seems like the developers are doubling down on Link being a character in a lot of ways. It might tie into Nintendo’s general strategy of promoting it’s IPs, or just something that Aonuma/Miyamoto wanted to do.


Ahhh that’s true! Thanks for the reminder. I added an annotation!


BTW, congrats on 100 comments on SG! Thanks for making so many wonderful comments!

I found out the cause of the error, and it shouldn’t appear in any more videos! Thanks 🙂


Having reps fill a quota is something a lot of Smash fans obsessed about. In fact, it’s something that people even complained about in the Smash 64 emails to Sakurai! The first “salt” was over Jigglypuff! It is confirmed that Sakurai does think about series balance (In general, the GDC slides are a great source of information)…and it almost prevented Corrin from getting in. With Pac-Man, there’s been conflicting information, but it seems like he was chosen specifically to be a Bandai-Namco rep. With DLC, there seemed to be some sort of themeing going around for character selection, and Sakurai’s comments about Corrin seems to confirm this (Corrin was picked specifically to represent an upcoming game). A lot of the Smash fanbase still believes a lot of the fan rules though =/.

Anyway, reps are something that Sakurai considers but it’s not the end all. The character does need to be interesting/ appealing. It’s not like we are going to get Birdo, just because there’s a need for a new Mario character. If the number of reps was the end all, we wouldn’t have gotten Corrin, and we would have had another DK or Zelda character.


Tamagotchi has kind of come back a bit. I have some students who are obsessed with it, and they were telling me about a new version that came out last weekend. They were very surprised that I knew Mametchi. So thanks Zoniken!

I think in the end, Tamagotchi has a bit of an edge just because of the unique space they dominated. Digimon was big, but it wasn’t the only series that influenced monster-catching games. I would like to see a Digimon just to enact some middle school fantasies, though.


Anyway, that’s it for today. Let me know in the comments if I missed your post!




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  1. Even PewDiePie is making good points on the whole clickbait thing… how did things get so bad that even he has to talk about it? The best we can do is to just resist the urge to click on articles and videos that we know won’t have any substance behind their titles, since there’s a difference between a title that says “Look at me! I’ve got stuff you want to see!” and a title that says “THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE SOMETHING HERE THAT APPEALS TO YOUR TASTE AND YOU’LL SKIM THIS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT IT WAS”.

    1. (Accidentally posted my last comment before I was finished -_-)
      One thing I’ve seen brought up a few times is the idea of a Digimon character in Smash. I’m a fan of Digimon, I have been since the first season of the anime, but I gotta say something that I’m sure a lot of people won’t like to hear; aren’t most of the notable Digimon going to be way too big once they Digivolve? Granted, they could keep Digivolution to their Final Smash and make it cinematic to get around that.

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