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This article looks at comments spanning May 2nd, to May 10th.

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For how many times it’s been said, this is always worth highlighting. While Wolf is thematically similar to Fox, he actually shares so few moves with him that calling him a clone would be similar to calling Ike a clone of Marth.

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Wow! Praise for Smash Tour? I never thought I’d see the day. While not a favorite of mine, I do appreciate it for what it is. It can actually be quite enjoyable with more than one person playing locally. A stock battle mode where different characters are the stocks is such a good idea, it was just not executed to particularly well.

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I somehow feel like there’s a Mighty No. 9 joke to be made here. Although maybe, just maybe an Alan Wake joke would be more appropriate?!

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There’s no doubt that many of our characters have been chosen to surprise the us as an audience. But is that really a bad thing? Sometimes, the best of additions are the ones that you didn’t see coming. I’ve learnt a lot following this go-around of Smash. A character like Ryu, who I never particularly craved; excited me beyond my wildest dreams. As long as the intent isn’t to negatively antagonise us, I’d love to continue being surprised in the future.

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I don’t really think it’s fair to indicate that the sole reason new types should be introduced into Pokemon because of balancing issues. New types add more depth and complexity to the games, and that’s important to keep them feeling fresh.

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I thought to mention about the pop-culture references, but the review was already pretty lengthy so I opted to omit that part! I’m still wildly addicted to this game though!

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    1. For a moment, I thought there was an actual user named “Spoiler Title” and only their posts were getting featured this week 😛

  1. I actually like Smash Tour, too.
    It just need a good Tutorial and much more Options and it would be an extremly fun mode! 😉

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